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Mansoura, Egypt Clinical Trials

A listing of Mansoura, Egypt clinical trials actively recruiting patients volunteers.


Found (42) clinical trials

Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery for Colorectal Cancer

Intervention will be done by conventional laparoscopy and transanal endoscopy (TEO or Gelpoint platform), patients are divided into two arms to compare different natural orifice techniques in resection of colorectal cancer.

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Combined Colloids And Crystalloids Versus Crystalloids in Women With Preeclampsia Undergoing Cesarean Delivery

This randomized, controlled, double blind study will be conducted on women with preeclampsia with singleton pregnancy undergoing elective cesarean delivery under spinal anesthesia. Immediately, after spinal anesthesia administration, patients will receive either 250 mL colloid over 5 minutes followed by 500 mL crystalloid over 55 minutes then 250 mL colloid ...

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Endometrial Volume as a Predictor of Endometrial Pathology in Perimenopausal Uterine Bleeding Endometrial Volume as a Predictor of Endometrial Pathology in Perimenopausal Uterine Bleeding

Endometrial thickness has been used as an indicator of risk for endometrial hyperplasia and carcinoma in asymptomatic perimenopausal women. However, there is no cutoff value in perimenopausal women and the same thickness does not express the same endometrial volume in different endometrium because uterine lengths may be different and endometrial ...

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Pregabalin Effects on Hypotensive Anesthesia During Spine Surgery.

An arterial line will be established then general anesthesia will be conducted. After adequate preoxygenation, anesthesia induction by IV fentanyl 1.5g/kg, propofol 2 mg/kg, and atracurium 0.5 mg/kg then appropriated size tracheal tube. The ventilator settings will be adjusted to maintain the end-tidal carbon dioxide tension (ETco2) at 30-35 mm ...

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Subclavian Versus Inferior Vena Cava Collapsibility Indices.

The aim of this study is that measurement of subclavian vein collapsibility index(SCV-CI) could be potential adjunct to IVC-CI where the IVC visualization is impaired or not possible . -Finding a non-invasive reliable accurate method for evaluation of intravascular volume and response to volume resuscitation.

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Propofol Spinal Procedural Sedation for Cesarean Section

Propofol provides short onset, rapid predictable action, anxiolysis and amnesia and it is more effective than benzodiazepines. Using propofol infusion in low doses during spinal injection in CS did not adversely affect the Apgar scores or the neurological and adaptive fetal outcomes. The general consensus is that procedural sedation is ...

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The Immune Modulation of Bilateral Paravertebral Block and Propofol in Spine Surgery.

Spine surgery is characterized by an elevation in levels of the inflammatory cytokines such as interleukin IL-6, IL-1, and IL-17. These cytokines promote chemokine production and changes in cell phenotype which lead to activation of T and B cells, macrophages, neutrophils, and mast cells further amplifying the inflammatory cascade. Different ...

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Veil Preserving HoLEP vs. Stanadard HoLEP

Postoperative transient stress urine leakage following Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate is one of the problems that frustrate both surgeon and patients. Many reports addressed different variables for the cause of post HoLEP urine leakage. Looking for a procedure done by a single surgeon who had tremendous experience of ...

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Dexmedetomidine in Serratus Plain Block for Mastectomy

Possible regional techniques for breast surgery include selective intercostal nerve blockade, thoracic paravertebral blockade, thoracic epidural, intrapleural, local wound infiltration. Each of these techniques has advantages and disadvantages. In general, local or wound infiltration is safe but limited in terms of duration of action, depending on the local anesthetic (LA) ...

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Role of 3 Tesla Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DW-MRI) for Diagnosis Bladder Cancer Grade and Stage

assess diagnostic performance of 3-Tesla DW-MRI in detecting and staging bladder cancer and potential role of the ADC value as a biomarker reflecting histological grade and stage.

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