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Hillerod, Denmark Clinical Trials

A listing of Hillerod, Denmark clinical trials actively recruiting patients volunteers.


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Infusion of Prostacyclin (Iloprost) vs Placebo for 72-hours in Patients With Septic Shock Suffering From Organ Failure

Patients with the most severe type of sepsis, those with septic shock have a mortality rate between 30% to 45% due to multiple organ failure. The poor outcome of shocked patients, and especially those with sepsis, may by related to microvascular endothelial dysfunction. Evidence support that iloprost infusion significantly improved ...


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Effect of Oral Magnesium on Vascular Calcification in Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is associated with increase cardiovascular morbidity and mortality independent of traditional cardiovascular risk factors due to increased vascular calcification. Epidemiological and experimental data suggest that hypermagnesemia and magnesium supplementation reduce vascular calcification in CKD by increasing calcium/phosphate solubility in serum, by inhibiting calcium influx into vascular ...


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