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Opioid Use Disorder Clinical Trials

A listing of Opioid Use Disorder medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (211) clinical trials

A Virtual Navigation Intervention to Reduce Behavioral Health Admissions From Rural Emergency Departments

Hospital admissions are common amongst those with mental illness. Significant morbidity exists for patients who are being admitted to a psychiatric hospital from the Emergency Department (ED).Additionally, commitment to a hospital setting may have adverse effects on patients psychologically, degrade relationships with therapists, and disrupt continuity of care. ED providers ...

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Brain Dopaminergic Signaling in Opioid Use Disorders

Objectives: Primary objective is to assess whether the balance between dopamine D1 (D1R) and D2 receptors (D2R) signaling in striatum is disrupted in participants with an opioid use disorder (OUD) who are on opioid agonist medication (MAT+: methadone or buprenorphine) relative to OUD participants treated with the opioid antagonist medication ...

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Improving Treatment Outcomes for Prescription Opioid Dependence

Opioid dependence is a serious public health problem, particularly with the dramatic rise in prescription opioid abuse, but long-term opioid agonist maintenance with methadone or buprenorphine (BUP) may not be optimal for many prescription opioid abusers. Yet current opioid detoxification strategies are limited by high relapse rates and/or lack of ...


HCV Seek Test and Rapid Treatment for Young PWID

ST&RT is a randomized openlabel clinical trial in which 54 HCV infected PWID between ages 18 and 29 will be randomized to either receive the sameday treatment initiation of the FDAapproved fixed dose combination of sofosbuvir 400mg and velpatasvir 100mg (SOF/VEL) with follow up and medical monitoring at a community ...


Pre-Operative Single Shot Rectus Sheath Block

Purpose: To improve analgesia and reduce opioid consumption in patients undergoing major urologic surgery. Hypothesis: Patients receiving pre-operative single shot rectus sheath blockade in addition to continuous rectus sheath catheters will use less PCA opioid in the first 24 hours post-operatively compared to patients receiving continuous rectus sheath blockade for ...

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tDCS to Decrease Opioid Relapse

This study has two phases. In phase one (UG3), the investigators propose to use FMRI to quantify changes in brain function and EEG to examine oscillatory brain changes as well as self-reported craving before and after administration of five sessions of tDCS+Cognitive Control Network (CCN) priming stimulation vs. sham tDCS+CCN ...

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Lofexidine for Management of Opioid Withdrawal With XR-NTX Treatment

This is an open-label pilot trial to evaluate the safety and tolerability of lofexidine in the management of opioid withdrawal symptoms while initiating outpatient treatment with naltrexone. Lofexidine is a nonopioid prescription medicine used in adults to help with the symptoms of opioid withdrawal that may happen when a person ...


Neuromodulation and Cognitive Training in Opioid Use Disorder

Cognitive flexibility, the ability to change maladaptive behavior, depends on dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) input to the nucleus accumbens (NAcc; Gruber, Hussain, and O'Donnell 2009). DLPFC stimulation may increase input to NAcc to facilitate proper selection of goal-directed behavior and may also decrease craving in individuals with substance use disorder ...

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NCARE Transition to Recovery

The primary goal of alcohol detoxification is to medically manage acute intoxication and withdrawal. Its secondary goal of fostering entry into longer-term alcohol treatment post-detoxification is often overlooked. This leads to a revolving door characterized by a cyclical pattern of discharges and re-admissions to detoxification. This pattern is observed across ...

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An App to Aid in Transitioning Off Opioid Medication

Many of the growing number of patients prescribed long-term opioid medication (for a variety of reasons including a history of illicit opioid use or management of chronic pain) will express an interest in discontinuing medication. However, many patients, physically dependent on opioids, fear the withdrawal symptoms that inevitably occur with ...

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