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Suicide Clinical Trials

A listing of Suicide medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (104) clinical trials

Repetitive Behavior Disorders in People With Severe Mental Retardation

Abnormal repetitive behaviors (odd or inappropriate movements, self-injury, and compulsions) are among the aberrant behaviors exhibited by individuals with mental retardation. However, little is known about their pathobiology and treatments are largely unconfirmed by controlled trials. For example, few controlled studies have examined the efficacy of pharmacological treatment of abnormal ...


The Efficacy of a Cognitive-Behavioural Intervention in Deliberate Self-Harm Patients

1. The development of treatment interventions for non-fatal deliberate self-harm (DSH) among young people has received little attention in scientific literature and in mental health care. This is surprising, considering the relatively high rates of hospital-referred DSH among adolescents reported in epidemiological studies (Arensman et al., 1995; Hawton et al., ...


Cognitive AppRoaches to coMbatting Suicidality

Estimates show that around 6% of people with experiences of psychosis die by suicide. Many more think about it and attempt suicide. A meta-analysis by the investigators illustrated that psychological therapies are effective in reducing suicidal thoughts and acts in people with psychosis as long as those therapies target suicidal ...

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Brief New Treatment for Suicide Attempts

Individuals with alcohol or drug use problems who are hospitalized for suicide attempt are at high risk for reattempt. This treatment development study adapts a promising outpatient intervention to prevent suicide reattempt in order to administer it during hospitalization to individuals with alcohol and drug use problems, and to test ...

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Trial of the Rapid Antisuicidal Effects of Intranasal Ketamine in Comorbid Depression and Alcohol Abuse

Clinicians have a limited ability to predict imminent suicidal behavior and efficacious treatments are not available to treat suicidal patients. Thus, Rapid-acting treatments for suicidal individuals are truly needed. This project aims to evaluate the potential rapid and sustained antisuicidal and antidepressant effects of a single intranasal dose of ketamine ...


Preventing Psychological Distress and Suicidal Behaviours: a Web-based and Mobile Suicide Prevention Intervention in the General Population

Context France is one of the Western European countries most affected by suicide, which is associated with a high societal cost. Recently, a European project aiming to develop best practice for suicide prevention has recommended the development of web-based interventions and the French national plan for actions against suicide has ...

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Suicide Re Attempts in Young Adults After First Suicide Attempt : Socio-demographic Clinical and Biological Correlates

Objectives Our main objective is to measure the rate of suicidal re attempt (SR) in a population of young adults aged 18 to 25 years. Our secondary objectives are to identify sociodemographic, clinical and biological characteristics of a population of suicidal young people, in an attempt to highlight potential risk ...

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Assisting in Decisions in Emergency Departments: (ED-AID) Study

Limiting access to a firearms during suicidal crisis can save lives. This study will test a patient decision aid about safe firearm storage during crisis. The investigators will enroll 60 adult emergency department patients being evaluated for suicidal risk and have at least one firearm at home. If available, the ...

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Southwest Hub for American Indian Youth Suicide Prevention Research

The overall goal of the research component of the National Institute of Mental Health funded Southwest Hub for American Indian Youth Suicide Prevention Research is to identify effective, feasible and sustainable interventions to prevent suicide and promote resilience among American Indian (AI) youth. The proposed study will build on 20+ ...

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Suicide Prevention Algorithm in the French Overseas Territories

Since (1) Algos was never implemented in the French overseas departments (FOD) and does not involve primary care practitioners (PCP), (2) the additional effect of PCP involvement over and beyond Algos alone in unknown, and (3) little research on suicide behaviours has been conducted in the FOD, this proposal has ...

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