Hearing Aid Clinical Trials

A listing of Hearing Aid medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.

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Found 58 clinical trials
Musicotherapy in Reducing Peroperative Anxiety and Post-surgical Pain in Dental Care

The main purpose of MUSANX study is to highlight analgesic effectiveness of musicotherapy in post-surgical periodontal and implant; and to measure its per-operative anxiolytic effectiveness

  • 29 Jan, 2021
  • 1 location
Auditory Brainstem Implant (ABI) in Children With No Cochleae or Auditory Nerves

This study is a feasibility study of the Nucleus 24 ABI in children without NF2. It will be conducted as a repeated-measures, single subject experiment in order to accommodate the known variability in cochlear implant clinical results. Data obtained in the course of this study will be compared with the …

  • 10 Jul, 2021
  • 1 location
Patient-Centered Hearing Aid Trial

Satisfaction and benefit from hearing aids fit using two patient self fit methods will be compared against those fit using audiology-based best practices. Individuals between the ages of 50 and

  • 02 Feb, 2021
  • 4 locations
Pitch Perception and Memory: Deficits and Training

Pitch perception and memory are central in auditory cognition, in particular for sound source segregation and recognition, speech prosody and music processing. Here the investigator assess pitch perception and memory in hearing-impaired listeners wearing cochlear implant(s) and listeners with congenital amusia, both compared with control listeners. Behavioral, EEG, and MEG …

  • 02 Feb, 2021
  • 1 location
Addressing Barriers to Adult Hearing Healthcare

medical conditions for which the FDA requires physician evaluation and management prior to hearing aid fitting, and determine which medical conditions should require medical evaluation prior to hearing

hard of hearing
fit hearing aid
hearing screening
  • 08 Aug, 2021
  • 7 locations
Hearing for Communication and Resident Engagement

. Engage includes (a) hearing screening for all residents, (b) an individualized communication plan for those with an identified hearing loss (e.g., one-to-one, group, telephone, television plans, hearing

  • 18 Jun, 2021
  • 1 location
Hearing Aid and Individuals With Cognitive Disorders

This is a pilot study with the aim of evaluating the feasibility of the procedures of a future clinical trial that will help determine the impacts of hearing aid interventions on older patients

  • 11 Mar, 2021
  • 2 locations
Restoration of Spectral Resolution With Hearing-aid Amplification

The objective of this study protocol is to determine the efficacy of using aided measures of spectral resolution to set the dynamic range of hearing with hearing-aid amplification. Measures of

hard of hearing
  • 26 Jan, 2021
  • 1 location
Feasibility and Acceptability of Using Low-Gain Hearing Aids for Bothersome Tinnitus

Tinnitus - defined as ringing, humming, or other sounds in the ears or head - is a very common problem for Veterans. Hearing aids that deliver low-level amplification are being used by

  • 22 Jul, 2021
  • 1 location
Channel Interaction in Cochlear Implant and Speech Understanding in Noise

The goal of this study is to take into account channel interaction in the cochlear implant (CI) fitting process. Designing a fast and accurate method of measurement would help to customize the fitting procedures to patients' specificities in order to maximize speech understanding in every day conditions especially in noise.

  • 27 Jan, 2021
  • 2 locations