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Transplant Rejection Clinical Trials

A listing of Transplant Rejection medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (10) clinical trials

Study of Efficacy Safety Tolerability Pharmacokinetic (PK) and Pharmacodynamic (PD) of an Anti-CD40 Monoclonal Antibody CFZ533 in Kidney Transplant Recipients

The purpose of this study is to investigate the safety, efficacy, pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) of three CFZ533 dose regimens in kidney transplant recipients. This study will allow assessment of the ability of CFZ533 to replace Calcineurin inhibitors (CNIs) in terms of anti-rejection efficacy, while providing better renal function ...


An Efficacy and Safety Study of Imlifidase in Treatment of Antibody-Mediated Rejection in Kidney Transplant Patients

Antibodies to HLA antigens have a strong correlation with allograft injury and loss. Treatment with imlifidase, PE and immunoabsorption (IA) all aim to reduce antibody levels. This study will compare the reduction in DSA levels after treatment with imlifidase and PE in patients diagnosed with active AMR (according to Banff ...


Belatacept Pilot Study in Lung Transplantation Immunosuppression in Lung Transplantation

Lung transplantation is the ultimate treatment for patients with advanced lung disease. However, long-term outcomes remain disappointing and the median survival after transplantation is approximately 5.5 years. Beyond the first year after transplantation, chronic lung allograft dysfunction is the leading cause of death. The exact mechanisms that lead to chronic ...


A Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Dual Costimulation Blockade With VIB4920 and Belatacept for Prophylaxis of Allograft Rejection in Adults Receiving a Kidney Transplant

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of dual costimulation blockade with VIB4920 in combination of belatacept in adult male or female recipients of a renal allograft from a deceased, living unrelated or human leukocyte antigen (HLA) non-identical living related donor.


Combined Apheresis for ABO-incompatible Transplantation - a Pilot Study

-Background and study aims ABO-incompatible living donor kidney transplantation (ABOi-KTX) offers the possibility to expand the donor pool by approximately 30%. A variety of different desensitization protocols were shown to enable successful transplantation across major ABO barriers. In this context, apheresis for antibody depletion represents the therapeutic mainstay. Two distinct ...


Combination Therapy With Carfilzomib for the Antibody-Mediated Rejection Diagnosis in Lung Transplantation

The main objective of the proposed clinical investigation is to evaluate the effects of carfilzomib in addition to conventional therapy on short-term outcomes after the diagnosis of antibody-mediated rejection in lung transplant recipients. In this study, Carfilzomib will be administered at a dose of 20 mg/m2 on two consecutive days, ...


Pirfenidone for Restrictive Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction

Despite advances in lung transplantation, median survival remains only 55% at 5 years. The primary cause of death is chronic lung allograft dysfunction (CLAD), occurring in 43% of recipients at 5 years. Recently, it has been recognized that CLAD can have an obstructive (BOS) or a restrictive (RCLAD) phenotype, also ...


Bortezomib in Rejection of Kidney Transplants

Chronic active antibody-mediated rejection (AMR) is considered as a main cause of late allograft losses in kidney transplant recipients. It is due to the occurrence of de novo donor-specific anti-HLA antibodies (DSA), i.e. antibodies synthetized by the recipient after transplantation against its transplant. There is currently to efficient treatment. The ...


Budesonide for Liver Transplant Immune Suppression

Enrollment of Subjects: All consecutive patients undergoing liver transplant (LT) at the University Of Cincinnati Transplant Center will be screened for enrollment upon admission for transplant surgery. Subjects will be approached after permission from attending on record by one of the members of research team. Study rationale, procedures, different interventions, ...


Fludarabine and 400 CGY Total Body Irradiation for Recipients of HLA-Matched or Mis-Matched Family or Unrelated Donor Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplants Who Have Rejected Their First Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant

This protocol will evaluate the use of Fludarabine (150mg/m2) with TBI (400cGy) as pre-transplant conditioning for a second allogeneic stem cell transplant after initial graft rejection. Preliminary data suggest that the combination of Flu/TBI at the proposed doses is safer and more effective than prior second transplantation regimens published to ...