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Transplant Rejection Clinical Trials

A listing of Transplant Rejection medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (101) clinical trials

Bortezomib in Rejection of Kidney Transplants

Chronic active antibody-mediated rejection (AMR) is considered as a main cause of late allograft losses in kidney transplant recipients. It is due to the occurrence of de novo donor-specific anti-HLA antibodies (DSA), i.e. antibodies synthetized by the recipient after transplantation against its transplant. There is currently to efficient treatment. The ...


Prospective Cohort of Kidney Transplanted Patients Receiving an Extended Releasing Tacrolimus-Everolimus Association

The tacrolimus-Everolimus association is used as an immunospressive treatment after a kidney transplant. It combined immunosupressive properties of both products and reduce the nephrotoxicity of tacrolimus by lowering the dosage. The commercialisation of a new extended release Tacrolimus pharmaceutical form and the lack of information justify a modality of use ...

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Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy in Heart Transplantation: Tracking Post-Transplant Changes in Body Composition and Correlation With Conventional Preoperative Risk Assessment Modalities

This is a prospective cohort study, with study visits at Enrollment and subsequently at 10 days , 1 month (+/- 7 days), 3 months (+/- 7 days) , 6 months (+/- 14 days) , and 12 months (+/- 14 days) after heart transplant surgery. BIS measurements will be performed on ...

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Urine CXCL10 Monitoring Trial in Kidney Transplant

This is a Phase II-III multi-center prospective randomized controlled clinical trial of incident adult renal transplant patients. Patients will be screened for eligibility (n485) and n420 will be enrolled and undergo post-transplant surveillance with urinary CXCL10. Two hundred and fifty patients deemed at high risk for rejection based on a ...


Pilot Study of Treatment for Subclinical AMR (Antibody-mediated Rejection) in Kidney Transplant Recipients

There is currently minimal data to guide treatment of mild graft damage in kidney transplant patients. Some of the current therapies used often come with dangerous complications (infections, malignancies, etc.). This is a pilot study to determine if extended release Envarsus at an optimal level is just as effective as ...

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Quantitative Parameters of HLA-DQ Antibodies in Lung Transplantation

After lung transplantation the production of de novo DSA directed against HLA-DQ molecules is associated with CLAD and graft loss. The most used assay for serum DSA detection is the Single Antigen Luminex (SAG), which provides a semi-quantitative fluorescence value, the MFI, used as a surrogate of DSA "strength". But ...

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Comparison of Safety and Efficacy of Two Variants of Prolonged - Released Tacrolimus (Advagraf vs. Envarsus ) in Patients After Liver Transplantation : Single Center Randomised Control Trial

Adult patients after liver transplantation initially treated with traditional Tacrolimus variant- Prograf, switched on day 10 after orthotropic liver transplantation (OLTx) on prolonged released Tacrolimus variant in 1:1 ratio ( Advagraf vs. Envarsus)

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A Follow up Study of Patients Treated With Imlifidase Prior to Kidney Transplantation

The rationale for the current protocol is to collect data from extended follow up in subjects that have received a kidney transplant following imlifidase dosing to provide a better understanding regarding the long-term outcome for these subjects. Data of parameters such as patient and graft survival, comorbidity, treatment of rebound ...

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Clinical Significance of Community-acquired Respiratory Virus Infection and Longitudinal Analysis of the Lung Microbiome in Lung Transplantation

Title:Clinical Significance of Community-acquired Respiratory Virus Infection and Longitudinal Analysis of the Lung Microbiome in Lung Transplantation. Background:Infection affects the short-term prognosis of patients with lung transplantation and chronic lung allograft dysfunction(CLAD) limits their long-term survival.It is important to provide more theoretical support for early diagnosis and treatment of acute ...

Phase N/A

Surveillance of Allograft Rejection After Intestinal Transplantation Using Endoscopy

Study design This cohort study was conducted prospectively and approved by the ethics committee of Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (IRB No. FEMH-105023-F). Consecutive patients who received IT between November 2016 and September 2017 were enrolled. The inclusion criteria were as followings: post-IT patients older than 7-year-old, and with informed consent ...

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