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Labor/Delivery Clinical Trials

A listing of Labor/Delivery medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (75) clinical trials

The CRB study is designed to study the safety and effectiveness of the Cook Cervical Ripening Balloon (CRB) for the induction of labor in term and near-term patients with premature rupture of membranes (PROM).

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The Effect of Warmed Parenteral Fluids During Delivery

Prospective randomized controlled trial. Assessing the influence of warmed parenteral fluids during delivery/cesarean section on the obstetrical and neonatal outcome. The investigators will randomize parturients during the active phase of labor to receive either body temperature warmed parenteral fluids or room temperature parenteral fluids. Both groups will receive the same ...

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Lateral Episiotomy or Not in Vacuum Assisted Delivery in Non-parous Women

The study has started at Danderyd Hospital. Danderyd Hospital is a large teaching hospital affiliated to the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Danderyd Hospital attends approximately 7 000 deliveries annually, of which 330 are vacuum extractions in non-parous women. Other hospitals in Stockholm County and other parts of Sweden are ...

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Oxytocin and Fetal Heart Rate Changes

Oxytocin is used in labor and delivery to increase the frequency of contractions and augment uterine contractile strength, thereby establishing a regular pattern of labor. However, the administration of exogenous oxytocin in the presence of an uncoordinated labor pattern confers a risk for an increase in uterine contraction frequency, resulting ...


Virtual Reality in Labor and Delivery for Reduction in Pain

The purpose of this study is to identify whether use of virtual reality devices can improve the pain management of women in labor and delivery. The investigators hypothesize that use of virtual reality devices will result in a reduction in pain medication use, in epidural use, and prolong the duration ...

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Investigating the Effect of Acupressure on Shivering During a Cesarean Delivery in Women Who Were Previously Laboring With an Epidural

The purpose of this study is to determine whether applying pressure to the left and right P6 acupoints can treat shivering in a patient undergoing a cesarean section. The hypothesis is that bilateral stimulation of P6 with pressure can stop or alleviate shivering. The primary endpoint is resolution of shivering ...

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Electrical Inhibition of Human Preterm Contractions

The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of a new method of preventing the human preterm uterine contractions of labor during electrical monitoring. The objective is to test a method for the inhibition of human preterm uterine contractions with an electrical pacemaker, electrical inhibition (EI). The study ...

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Prevention of Preterm Birth in Singletons Using Pessary After Resolutive Threatened Preterm Labor

In France, threatened preterm labour concerns 6.5% of pregnancies and is associated with a premature birth in 25.4% of cases. After 48 hours effective tocolysis, patients do not receive any further treatment while their risk of premature birth has risen from 6.5% to 25%. A pessary is a silicone ring ...

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Role of Intrapartum Ultrasound in Instrumental Delivery

Investigators will perform a multicentric randomized controlled trial comparing the effect of transabdominal and transperineal ultrasound in pregnant women in the second stage of labor, in whom it was decided an operative delivery. Our objective is to evaluate the impact of intrapartal ultrasound measurements, as an auxiliary to clinical evaluation, ...

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Pocket Warming of Epidural Medication

Studies have shown that warmed epidural medication resulted in a mean analgesic onset of 9.2 minutes as compared to a mean onset of 16 minutes for the same medication at room temperature. Onset time for pain medication during labor is important to a great many participants, thus techniques to shorten ...