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Acute Pain Clinical Trials

A listing of Acute Pain medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (74) clinical trials

Methadone and Ketamine for Spinal Surgery

Methadone is an opioid with the potential to provide prolonged and constant analgesia. It has a half-life that is significantly longer than other clinically-used opioids (25-52 hours). This unique property of methadone suggests that a single dose administered in the operating room can result in extended pain relief following surgery. ...


Predicting Understanding and Speeding Recovery After TKA

The investigators propose a two-site, longitudinal, double-blind, randomized clinical intervention study to examine three specific aims: Aim 1: Characterize the dynamic pain experience, activity, and cognitive response after TKA and determine patterns of recovery in these domains Aim 2: Test whether gabapentin alters time course of recovery after TKA in ...


Tramadol Versus Celecoxib in Reducing Pain Associated With IUD Insertion

The intrauterine device (IUD) is a commonly used long-acting, effective and reversible method of contraception. IUD insertion is usually associated with a variable degree of pain. The majority of women experience mild pain or discomfort during IUD insertion, and some women may experience severe pain. Nulliparous women, women who delivered ...


Methadone and Interscalene Block for Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder surgery is one of the most common orthopedic operations, with 1.4 million procedures performed worldwide. Advances in surgical technology now allow the majority of these procedures to be performed arthroscopically. A growing number of shoulder arthroscopic procedures are now conducted on an outpatient basis. Effective pain control is therefore ...


Adult Oral Ibuprofen Study for ED Pain Patients

STUDY DESIGN A randomized, double-blind trial to determine the analgesic equivalency of orally administered ibuprofen at 400 mg for the treatment of acute pain in comparison to with higher doses of 600 and 800 mg for managing mild-to-moderate pain of adult patients in the ED. OUTCOME MEASURES The primary outcome ...


Lidocaine vs Ketorolac for Management of Renal Colic in the Emergency Department

The hypothesis of the study is that lidocaine will be as effective as ketorolac in decreasing patient's perception of pain as measured by the 10 point Visual Analogue Scale (VAS). The aim of the study is to compare the safety & efficacy of lidocaine versus ketorolac for acute pain secondary ...


Dexmedetomidine Supplemented Analgesia and Incidence of Postoperative Delirium

Delirium is a state of acutely occurred and transient cerebral dysfunction. It is a common complication in elderly patients after surgery. A systematic review showed that an average of 36.8% (range 0 to 73.5%) of surgical patients developed postoperative delirium, and its occurrence increased with age. According to our previous ...


Epidural and Intravenous Patient-Controlled Analgesia Following Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery

Study Design: Prospective study of 58 subjects undergoing elective Lumbar Spinal Fusion (1-3 levels- posterior approach) at UTSW Zale Lipshy University Hospital with: Continuous Lumbar Epidural Analgesia (Patient-Controlled Epidural Analgesia- PCEA groups) Intravenous Patient-Controlled Analgesia (IV PCA) Study Interventions - The intervention to be evaluated in this study is epidural ...


Intranasal Dexmedetomidine Sedation and Analgesia During Pediatric Emergency Room Procedures

The study objective is to determine if intranasal dexmedetomidine is a safe and effective sedative drug during small painful procedures in the pediatric emergency room. Patients of the pediatric emergency room at Oulu university hospital with any medical condition requiring a small painful procedure like i.v. cannulation or lumbar puncture ...


Postpartum Perineal Pain After Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries

Obstetric anal sphincter injuries (OASIS) encompass both third and fourth degree perineal tears. These tears can have a significant impact on women's quality of life in the short and long term. One of the most distressing immediate complications of this severe perineal injury is perineal pain. Women can also experience ...