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Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension) Clinical Trials

A listing of Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension) medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (27) clinical trials

Esmolol to Treat the Hemodynamic Effects of Septic Shock

Septic shock is a leading cause of death around the world, with a mortality that often ranges 30-50% but in some locations may be even higher. Despite advances in critical care medicine over the last several decades, few therapeutic interventions have demonstrated mortality benefit in this population besides antimicrobial medications, ...


Echocardiography Based Algorithm for Spinal Anaesthesia

Aims and Objectives: Primary aim: To compare an echocardiography based algorithm of hemodynamic management as compared to standard practice in decreasing the incidence of spinal hypotension (number of patients developing a decrease in MAP >20% of baseline or MAP <60 mm Hg). Secondary aims: To compare the number of episodes, ...

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Preventive Effect of Leg Wrapping Combined With Trendelenburg Position on Hypotension Induced by Propofol

** Study procedure check baseline blood pressure ( systolic, diastolic, mean) and heart rate. apply pre-defined measures to each group(arm) ( summarized in arms and interventions section ) induction using propofol 2mg/kg After bispectral index (BIS) goes below 60 & patient become unconsciousness, inject rocuronium 0.6mg/kg intubate patient between 3 ...

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Intermittent Portal and Graft Purge in Living Donor Liver Transplantation

Patients are subjected to living donor liver transplantation. In this type of grafts, cold ischemia time is minimal and the graft contents of preservative solution are less than cadaveric grafts. The investigators in the current research use HTC as a preservative solution. These factors justified the possibility of purging the ...

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Predictability of the Pulse Pressure Variation (PPV) During Spontaneous Ventilation on the Incidence of Hypotension During Induction of Anesthesia

The purpose of this study is to find out the predictability of the pulse pressure variation during spontaneous ventilation on the incidence of hypotension during induction of anesthesia.

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Effect of High vs. Low MAP Levels on Clinical Outcomes in Elderly Patients During Noncardiothoracic Surgery

This will be a multicentre, randomised, controlled and prospective clinical trial. Elderly patients will be included from seven centers, including Shenzhen People's Hospital affiliated to Jinan University, West China Hospital affiliated to Sichuan University, Taihe Hospital affiliated to Hubei University of Medicine, The Third Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University, ...

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Reduction in Spinal-induced Hypotension With Ondansetron in Parturients Undergoing Caesarean Section

Subarachnoid block is the preferred method of anaesthesia for caesarean section, but is associated with hypotension and bradycardia, which may be deleterious to both parturient and baby. Animal studies suggest that in the presence of decreased blood volume, 5-HT may be an important factor inducing the Bezold Jarisch reflex via ...


Midodrine for the Treatment of Refractory Hypotension

Persistent hypotension in critically ill patients remains a major barrier to discharging patients from the intensive care unit (ICU). In our hospital, in patients with adequate tissue perfusion, midodrine has been observed to treat hypotension in order to wean continuous intravenous (IV) vasopressors and therefore promote ICU discharge. There are ...


The Role of Intravenous Albumin Replacement During Abdominal Paracentesis in Patients With Malignancy Related Ascites

General Introduction: Therapeutic paracentesis is the first line of treatment for patients with symptomatic malignant ascites. The practice of intravenous albumin infusion during abdominal paracentesis comes from evidence in patients with liver cirrhosis. A meta-analysis of seventeen randomised trials evaluating patients receiving albumin versus alternative treatment during large volume paracentesis ...

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Focussed Echocardiography to Detect Preoperative Hypovolemia and Left Ventricular Dysfunction as a Predictor of Post-Induction Hypotension

Various haemodynamic parameters like central venous pressure , pulmonary capillary wedge pressure , systolic pulse pressure variations , stroke volume variation , pleth variability index etc are being used as markers of volume status and which in turn have been used as indicators of post general anesthesia induction hypotension in ...

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