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Tic Disorders Clinical Trials

A listing of Tic Disorders medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (7) clinical trials

Brain-Behavior Interactions in Tic Suppression

Objectives: This study will recruit youth with chronic tics. Chronic tics are the most common movement disorder in children. The goal of the study is to learn how the brain and environment influence children's ability to suppress tics. Specifically, we want to learn how tics are influenced by a certain ...

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The Pathophysiology of Tourette Syndrome: a Multimodal Study

Tourette syndrome (TS) is a childhood-onset chronic neuropsychiatric disorder with an increasing prevalence (range 0.05-3%).The investigators previous study showed that lower serum ferritin and iron levels in children with Tourette syndrome than in healthy children. The exact mechanism explaining how iron deficiency contributes to the pathophysiology of TS is unclear.One ...

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The Sense of Agency

The ability to recognize of being the actors of the behaviour and its consequences, the so-called "Sense of Agency" (SoA), is a crucial component of self-awareness. One key aspect is the distinction from a mere inference about the causality between an act and its consequences and the sense of being ...

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National Gilles De La Tourette Study Group

Tourette syndrome is rare. In France, about 3000 patients have a severe form of the disease. The aim of this study is to collect clinical characteristics in 200 patients with Tourette syndrome.

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Investigation of Neurofeedback With Real-Time fMRI in Healthy Volunteers and Patients With Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders

Objective The objective of this study is to see if healthy volunteers and patients with hyperkinetic movement disorders such as Tic Disorders (TD) including Tourette Syndrome (TS) are able to learn how to alter their brain activity using feedback during functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and whether such feedback training ...

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Genetics of Severe Early Onset Epilepsies

Many children with epilepsy experience seizures which respond well to treatment. A few types of epilepsy, however, are characterized by seizures which begin very early in childhood and are associated with severe intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. These conditions, known as progressive epileptic encephalopathies, are particularly severe and are often difficult ...

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Assessment of Children With Tic Onset in the Past 6 Months

Up to 30% of all children will have a tic at some point. However, tics that last a whole year (or more) occur in only 3% of the population. Thus tic persistence may be more unusual than tic onset, yet almost no data exist on which people with recent-onset tics ...

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