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Catheter Complications Clinical Trials

A listing of Catheter Complications medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (9) clinical trials

Comparison Between Internal Jugular Vein Versus Axilar Vein for Implantable Ports

Prospective and randomized trial comparing internal jugular vein versus via axilar vein with single-incision for placement of implantable ports in cancer patients. Investigators are recruiting 240 patients and randomizing 120 for each arm in a single center study at AC Camargo Cancer Center. Every surgery is assisted by ultrasound and ...

Phase N/A

Comparison Between Sutureless Devices for PICC and a New System KT FIX PLUS

PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) are commun used. Just one paper report morbidity with suture as fixation system for PICC (dislodgement, infection) In the guidelines it's recommended to use sutureless device. The devices actually used are unsatisfactory because of the high risk of migration, accidental removal. A new device, called ...

Phase N/A

Maintaining Patency in Implanted Port Catheters

The purpose of this study is to determine the safest and most effective flushing solution for maintaining patency (unobstructed flow) in implanted port catheters. The complication rate in patients whose ports are flushed with saline only will be compared to the complication rate in patients whose ports are flushed with ...


BIP Foley in Prevention of CAUTI at Rehab Station

This is a prospective, cross-over, randomized, controlled, partly blinded study evaluating safety and performance of noble metal alloy urinary Catheters (BIP Foley, Bactiguard AB) of both latex and silicone. The included patients are permanently catheterized spinal cord injured patients at the Spinalis clinic at Rehab station in Stockholm, Sweden. Primary ...


Major Complications Related to PICC and Midline Insertion

A PICC line is a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter. It is long, small, flexible tube that is inserted into a peripheral vein, typically in the upper arm, and terminates in a large vein in the chest to obtain a central intravenous access. A Midline catheter is similar to a PICC, ...

Phase N/A

The Feasibility and Advantages of Painless Indwelling Catheter in Uniportal VATS Lobectomy of Lung Cancer

This study is a prospective cohort study.The main study content is the feasibility and advantages of painless indwelling catheter in perioperative period of uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery in radical resection of lung cancer,divided into exposed and non-exposed groups,divided into exposed and non-exposed groups.Communicating with the surgeon and patients who meet ...

Phase N/A

Bladder Catheters During Ablation Procedures

(AF) is the commonest arrhythmia worldwide and accounts for significant morbidity. The mainstay of treatment for drug refractory AF is catheter ablation. A preponderance of evidence indicates better outcomes when this procedure is performed under general anesthesia; this is standard of care at our institution. However, for a variety of ...

Phase N/A

Ultrasound Guided Catheter Length Survivability

Patients with poor intravenous (IV) access present a daily challenge to emergency department (ED) practitioners. Placement of an ultrasound (US)-guided peripheral IV catheter in this patient population is a viable and safe option. Ultrasound-guided IVs are often the last recourse for IV access before resorting to more invasive procedures in ...

Phase N/A

Dislocation Rates of Femoral Catheter Placed Sonographically Either In-plane or Out-of-plane

Patients scheduled for elective major knee surgery will be assessed for eligibility and after written informed consent included in this clinical trial. Prior to surgery, the patient will receive a femoral catheter with either ultrasound placed in-plane (IP) or with ultrasound placed out-of-plane (OOP) as perioperative analgesic regimen using well-established ...

Phase N/A