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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinical Trials

A listing of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (10) clinical trials

JZ Thickness as a Predictor of Recurrent Unexplained First Trimesteric Pregnancy Loss.

Among patients attending the Recurrent pregnancy loss outpatient clinic of kasr Al Aini teaching hospital, Cairo University .Those meeting investigators inclusion criteria will be selected for the study. All patients had a history of two or more consecutive, first trimester miscarriages. Patients with two miscarriages will be included in the ...

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Diagnosis and Treatment Strategy of Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion Associated With Thrombophilla

In this clinical cohort study, the investigators observe the efficacy of low molecular weight heparin in the treatment of thrombophilia with recurrent pregnancy loss with a prospective randomized controlled trial.


The Epidemiology of Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion Associated With Thrombophilla

RSA is a multifactorial disorder resulting from genetic factors, anatomic factors, autoimmune disorders, endocrine dysfunction, thrombophilia, life style factors, and maternal infections. However, the underlying causes remain undetermined in up to 50% of cases. In this clinical cohort study, we intended to get an epidemiological evidence for patients with recurrent ...

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Aspirin Versus Clopidogrel Effect on Uterine Blood Flow in Women With Unexplained Recurrent Miscarriages

Recurrent miscarriage has been associated with genetic, anatomic, endocrine, immunologic, behavioral, environmental factors and prothrombotic states; however, almost 50% of cases of recurrent miscarriage are unexplained. Angiogenesis and uterine blood supply are essential for both endometrial growth and embryo development. As a result, endometrial vascularity has been considered to play ...


The Novel Immunomodulatory and Anticoagulant Therapies for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

In this clinical cohort study, the investigators are going to observe the efficacy of anti-coagulation and immune therapy in the treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss with a prospective randomized controlled trial.


The Effect of the Ovarian Reserve on the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

This study will be conducted at the gynecology and infertility department of Kanuni Sultan Sleyman Training and Research Hospital from 2016 to 2017. The approval of the local Institutional Review Board (KAEK/2016.22.31) was obtained in June 2016 and informed consents of all subjects have been prepared. RM is defined as ...

Phase N/A

Role of Hypersensitivity to Female Sex Hormones in Women With Unexplained Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

The EVE- technology is intended for determination of intolerance or sensitivity to female sex hormones among women with hormone-related conditions and for further treatment by desensitization procedure inducing a tolerance to the hormones the women are sensitive to. This study is designed to evaluate the safety and the ability of ...


MBL Level in Women With Recurrent Miscarriage and Its Association With Perinatal Outcome

Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL), defined as 3 or more consecutive pregnancy losses before 22 weeks of gestation, is a multifactorial disorder, affecting 1-3% of all couples aiming to have a child. The cause of RPL remain unknown in up to 50% of cases. Some of these cases may be affected ...

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Immunosuppressant Regimens for Living Fetuses Study

Objective: To evaluate the effect of anticoagulation with or without immunomodulatory therapy on pregnancy outcomes of recurrent pregnancy loss with undifferentiated connective tissue diseases Design: a multi-center, randomised, open-label, paralleled study. Patients: Pregnant patients with recurrent pregnancy loss and undifferentiated connective tissue diseases without any known etiology for pregnancy loss ...

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Pregnancy Outcomes in Women With Unexplained Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Treated With Low Dose Aspirin and Unfractionated Heparin

This prospective comparative, controlled clinical study is conducted at Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Benha University Hospital, and a private center, from June 2012 . After approval of the study protocol by the Local Ethical Committee and obtaining written fully informed patients' consents. All patients are interviewed about their medical, ...