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Pregnancy Complications Clinical Trials

A listing of Pregnancy Complications medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (39) clinical trials

Impedance Cardiography to Decrease the Risk of Preeclampsia

Impedance cardiography helps determine whether vasoconstriction or an elevated cardiac output is occurring. The test is easy to perform and non invasive. The treatment for an elevated cardiac output in pregnancy is a beta-blocker while a vasodilator is used for vasoconstriction. If a beta-blocker is given to someone that vasoconstricted, ...

Phase N/A

Pregnancy Complications - A Probiotic Interventional Study

The main of the Project is to determine if dietary supplementation intake of probiotics are associated with a decreased risk of spontaneous preterm delivery and preeclampsia in a randomized Clinical trial. Investigators also want to further investigate the relationship between intake of probiotics and the degree of inflammation in different ...

Phase N/A

Physical Activity and Gestational Complications

The association between physical activity and several complication of pregnancy will be evaluated. Patients with complications of pregnancy will be recruited. Physical activity will be evaluated using questioner or smart bracelet.

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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy to Prevent Wound Complications Following Cesarean Section in High Risk Patients

Once consent has been obtained from patients, an envelope containing the study allocation will be retrieved from the Pyxis. Non-wound vac patients will undergo wound closure with subcutaneous fat closure with Vicryl in all cases that this is practicable (in extremely thin patients, this may not be possible), followed by ...

Phase N/A

Evaluation of the Efficacy and Safety of MV140

Double blind parallel placebo controlled study. The subjects will receive medication during three or six months and will be followed up during another twelve months.


Does Cesarean Section Scar Defect (Niche) Affect Implantation Rate?

150 patients undergoing IVF after cesarean section will be recruited. demographic, clinical and treatment data will be collected. ultrasound and hysteroscopic evaluation of the CSD will be performed. IVF treatment will be provided. In case of failure of IVF treatment, patients will be randomized to hysteroscopic repair of CSD versus ...

Phase N/A

Sildenafil Citrate Therapy for Oligohydramnios

Women who will be referred to the maternity ward of both hospitals for a checkup and have the inclusion criteria will be offered admission for at least 24 hours to have complete rest aiming to increase the placental blood circulation of the uterus, which by itself can improve the amniotic ...

Phase N/A

The Periviable Birth Plan

Pregnant women who are at risk of delivering their infants in the periviable period can suffer a large amount of stress and anxiety. Moreover, many women feel a loss of control over their own pregnancy. There is some evidence that more counseling and planning can help reduce maternal stress and ...

Phase N/A

Closure of Skin in ChorioAmnionitis Research Pilot Study

The purpose of the CSCAR pilot study is to improve the design of a full-scale trial by determining the patient recruitment rate and participation rate. The objective of the full-scale trial is to determine the optimal method of skin closure after Caesarean delivery in women with chorioamnionitis, which is an ...

Phase N/A

An Early-customized Low Glycaemic-index (GI) Diet Prevents LGA Babies in Overweight/Obese Pregnant Women

High pre-pregnancy BMI and excessive GWG are associated with many unfavourable maternal and neonatal outcomes and are independent risk factors for gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and large for gestatiola age (LGA) babies. Overweight/obese women should be counselled regarding their body weight before conception; however, most women have access to obstetricians ...

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