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Infertility Clinical Trials

A listing of Infertility medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (6) clinical trials

Hysteroscopic Tubal Occlusion Using Iso-Amyl 2-Cyano Acrylate (Amcrylate) in Patients With Hydrosalpinx

The study will be conducted according to the guidelines on human experimentation of the 1975 Declaration of Helsinki. For all patients after taking signed informed consent , transcervical hysteroscopic cannulation of the proximal one centimeter of fallopian tubes with hydrosalpinx, will be done using a 4 Fr, 42cm long, polyethylene ...


Sildenafil and Outcome of IVF/ICSI Cycles

The proposal of this study approved by our institutional review boards and institution's ethical committee, and all participants will sign a written consent before enter to study. The study population will consist of infertile women of <38 years of age with repeated in vitro fertilization/ intra cytoplasmic injection failures. Endometrial ...


Intrauterine Autologous PRP Infusion Compared to HRT for Enhancing Endometrial Thickness in Patients Undergoing ICSI

This is a single blinded randomized trial comparing the effect of of platlet rich plasma versus hormonal therapy on endometrial thickness and consequently endometrial receptivity. The primary endpoint of this trial is clinical pregnancy rate.


MSCs For Treatment of Azoospermic Patients

Bone marrow aspirated and stem cells were isolated, cultured and characterized using flow cytometer. Stem cells prepared according to GMP regulations then injected into rete testis using special syringe. Patients follow up will carried out for a year , three month interval. FSH, testosterone, testicular size as well as sexual ...


Effect of Testosterone Treatment on Embryo Quality

At CHR the investigators have been using DHEA supplementation to improve ovarian response to ovulation induction for in vitro fertilization for about five years (Barad, Brill et al. 2007; Barad, Weghofer et al .2009; Gleicher, Ryan et al. 2009; Gleicher, Weghofer et al. 2010; Gleicher and Barad 2011). Our views ...


Intra-Testicular Transplantation of Autologous Stem Cells for Treatment of Non-Obstructive Azoospermia Male Infertility.

Non-obstructive azoospermia (NOA) is generally considered a non-medically manageable cause of male infertility. These patients, who constitute up to 10% of all infertile men, have abnormal spermatogenesis as the cause of their azoospermia. The etiology affecting approximately 60% of azoospermic men, includes non-obstructive causes of azoospermia, including toxic exposures or ...