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Infertility Clinical Trials

A listing of Infertility medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (9) clinical trials

Growth Hormone Co-treatment Within a GnRH Antagonist Protocol in Patients With Poor Ovarian Response

To date, a limited number of studies have been performed in order to assess whether the addition of GH can improve the probability of pregnancy in poor responders undergoing ovarian stimulation for IVF. Moreover, the existing studies are underpowered and, thus, inconclusive. In this study, the investigators will assess the ...


The Role of Immunomodulatory Treatment in Success of ICSI in Patients With Autoimmune Thyroiditis

The aim of the work is to determine whether the use of immunomodulatory drugs could improve the reproductive of outcome of infertile patients who have autoimmune thyroiditis with positive autoimmune antibodies undergoing IVF-ET.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Sequential Treatment for Endometriosis Associated Infertility

This study is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter, prospective clinical study, conducted in China (six research centers). 204 cases of patients with endometriosis-associated infertility confined with Syndrome of qi stagnation blood stasis pattern in TCM after conservative surgery will be recruited. Patients will be randomly divided into two groups: experimental ...


Treatment of Severe Asherman Syndrome by Collagen Scaffold Loaded With Autologous Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cells

Severe asherman syndrome will lead to infertility, and the most common method to treat asherman syndrome is operating to dissect adhesions. In order to prevent the postoperative re-adhesion, many physical isolation measures have been tried. However, they don't improve the microenvironment of endometrial regeneration. It's reported that bone marrow mononuclear ...


Antagonist Protocol in IVF

The antagonist protocol in a novel method of stimulation in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) patients. It has been tried in poor responders, polycystic ovary (PCO) patients and normal females undergoing IVF. Can it be used with the same efficacy in all patients?


The Use of the Hormone Kisspeptin in 'in Vitro Fertilisation' (IVF) Treatment

Participants in the study will have a standard Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) antagonist cycle except using kisspeptin to trigger oocyte maturation rather than hCG.


A Study of Lidocaine Pertubation as a Treatment for Unexplained Infertility

Couples interested in participating in the clinical study must have undergone a complete investigation for their infertility and have at least one year of unsuccessful attempts to achieve pregnancy. Following inclusion in the study, patients will be monitored with vaginal ultrasound to ensure a leading follicle of at least 18 ...


Pulsatile GnRH in Anovulatory Infertility

In comparison to the use of exogenous gonadotropins, pulsatile administration of GnRH has many theoretical advantages for ovulation induction, including; 1) the ability to use the patients' own gonadotropins for ovarian stimulation; 2) the ability to treat anovulatory defects at their appropriate level, which most commonly is hypothalamic; 3) the ...


Impact of Escitalopram on Sperm DNA Fragmentation

SSRI medications, specifically escitalopram is a very commonly prescribed medication among men of reproductive age. Significant evidence exists that they may be harmful for paternal fertility potential in both animal and human studies. However, high quality data is lacking, particularly among commonly used SSRI's such as escitalopram. As such, it ...