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Appendicitis Clinical Trials

A listing of Appendicitis medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (38) clinical trials

Narcotic vs. Non-narcotic Pain Regimens After Pediatric Appendectomy

There is concern that pain prescription after outpatient pediatric surgical procedures is excessive and is in excess of patient need. Current practice following pediatric appendectomy is to prescribe all children with 5-15 doses of narcotic pain medication upon discharge regardless of their age, severity of appendicitis, or pain control in ...


Pediatric Appendicitis Risk Calculator (pARC) in Children With Appendix Ultrasounds

Background Acute appendicitis (AA) is the most common condition requiring emergency surgery in children. The potential for morbidity and mortality from perforation of the appendix necessitates prompt diagnosis.2 Acute appendicitis scoring systems such as pediatric appendicitis score (PAS) use elements of history, exam findings, and lab tests to identify patients ...

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Comparison of Medical and Surgical Treatment of Uncomplicated Acute Appendicitis in Children

This is a randomized controlled trial of 190 subjects comparing non-operative management with antibiotics to surgical management of uncomplicated acute appendicitis. The hypothesis is that antibiotics are not worse than surgery for the treatment of uncomplicated appendicitis in children. The primary outcome will be survey scores on the Pediatric Quality ...

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Blue Light Therapy in Reducing Inflammation During Sepsis

Background and preliminary data: Our murine studies suggest that exposure to blue (480nm) light, by comparison to ambient white or amber (580nm) light, reduces the inflammatory response (i.e., cytokine concentration), risk of organ failure (i.e., kidney failure), and improves the clearance and control of the infectious focus (i.e., reduced abdominal ...

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(D)Elayed vs. (E)Arly (L)Aparoscopic (A)Ppendectom(Y)

This randomized controlled trial is designed to assess the effect of timing of surgery on surgical complications in patients undergoing appendectomy for acute appendicitis at a single academic teaching hospital in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Early appendectomy in patients diagnosed with acute appendicitis has been a mainstay of treatment. Timely intervention ...

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Wound Infiltration With Local Anesthetic Agent for Laparoscopic Appendectomy in Adult

Acute appendicitis is one of the most common acute abdomens that need surgical intervention. Laparoscopic surgery much decreases postoperative pain of wound, however, pain remains an important determinant of recovery after surgery. Intraoperative local anesthetic agent infiltrated locally into surgical wound to relieve postoperative pain is a feasible and safe ...


Technical Modifications of Appendicular Stump Closure During Laparoscopic Appendectomy

Acute appendicitis presents one of the most common surgical illnesses which affect approximately 7% of the western population. In the Czech Republic, 11664 patients were hospitalized and operated for the diagnosis of acute appendicitis (K35-K38) during 2016. It might seem that the procedure of appendectomy will be guided by a ...

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CT Carcinogenic Risk in Patients With Appendicitis

South Korea has a single-payer healthcare system, administered by National Health Insurance Service (NHIS). As healthcare providers in South Korea need to claim reimbursement to NHIS for the vast majority of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, the NHIS database enabled us to construct a large cohort who did or did not ...

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