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Thyroid Cancer Clinical Trials

A listing of Thyroid Cancer medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (145) clinical trials

Trail Evaluating Apatinib With IMRT for Inoperable or Iodine Refractory Thyroid Cancer

To determine the efficacy and safety of intensity modulated radiation therapy combined with apatinib for inoperable or iodine refractory thyroid cancer.


Renal Tracer Elimination in Thyroid Cancer Patients Treated With 131-Iodine

131-I during radioiodine treatment of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer is mainly renally excreted. It is advised in the clinical guidelines that serum creatinine should be determined before applying 131-I and if necessary the administered dose should be reduced. Nevertheless no guideline gives advice in what extent the dose should ...

Phase N/A

A Clinical Study of Apatinib in Patients With Local Progressive/Metastatic Refractory Thyroid Cancer

This is a single-center, open-label, single armexploratory clinical trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of Apatinib in patients with local progressive/metastatic refractory thyroid cancer. The primary endpoint is objective response rate(ORR),the secondary endpoints include progression-free-survival(PFS)disease control rate(DCR);serum TgTgAbcalcitoninsafety. If any case happens as following,including withdrawing informed consent form(ICF)unbearable toxicity or ...


National Breast and Thyroid Screening After a Treatment Received Against a Cancer During Childhood

Every center which has patient at risk can participate. Main inclusion criteria : French childhood cancer survivor (5 years or more of delay with the treatment) - becoming adult - with a past history of radiotherapy at the age of 20 years or before, with a significant dose irradiation on ...

Phase N/A

Percutaneous Ethanol Injection for Primary Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinoma

We hypothesize that percutaneous ethanol ablation (PEA) for primary papillary thyroid microcarcinoma (PTMC) has equivalent oncologic outcomes to current treatment options including observation, thyroid lobectomy and total thyroidectomy. In addition, we hypothesize that it will yield superior long-term quality of life, including measures of pain, voice, and cosmesis than standard ...

Phase N/A

Intra-operative Rapid Identification of Lymph Node and Parathyroid

In the experiment group, when suspicious parathyroid glands or lymph nodes were observed, a 22 G needle was applied for in situ puncture at a 45 degree angle. The needle was initially thrust into the gland for 0.2 mm, and then we advanced the needle for another 0.2mm while gently ...

Phase N/A

International PPB Registry for PPB DICER1 and Associated Conditions

PPB is a rare cancer of the lung presenting in early childhood, mostly commonly from birth to age ~72 months. PPB occurs within the lung or between the lung and the chest wall. There are three primary forms of PPB called Types I, II, and III PPB. PPB is related ...

Phase N/A

ctDNA in Patients With Thyroid Nodules

After the participants with thyroid nodules or other abnormalities have undergone the informed consent process, they will have 30 milliliters (approximately two tablespoons) of blood drawn. This will be done prior to the performance of the fine needle aspiration biopsy of the thyroid. If the patient has indicated a desire ...

Phase N/A

Accuracy of Detection Using ENdocuff Optimisation of Mucosal Abnormalities

Bowel cancer is common in the United Kingdom, with around 1 in 16 men and 1 in 20 women developing it at some point in their lives. Most bowel cancers happen when a type of polyp (a growth in the bowel) called an adenoma becomes cancerous. Doctors use a camera ...

Phase N/A

Collaborative Registry of Patients With Thyroid Cancer and/or Thyroid Tumors

OBJECTIVES: Primary - To develop a web-based Thyroid Tumor and Cancer Collaborative Registry as a repository for socio-demographic, environmental, clinical history, family history, and biospecimen data collected at the University of Nebraska Medical Center/Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC/NMC) for study participants with a personal history of thyroid cancer and/or thyroid nodules. ...

Phase N/A