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Enuresis Clinical Trials

A listing of Enuresis medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (14) clinical trials

Desmopressin as a Therapy for Bedwetting in Children With Sickle Cell Disease

Night time bedwetting is a common complication of sickle cell disease, and affects up to 30 % of children . Desmopressin is an oral medication that increases water reabsorption in the kidneys. Studies have shown that it is effective in decreasing bedwetting episodes in children without sickle cell disease. Chronic ...


A Study on Accuracy Improvement of Repeated Measure Uroflowmetry- Electromyography

Uroflowmetry(UF) has been the standard first-line diagnostic tool for the evaluation of pediatric voiding dysfunction. But recently, UF combined with pelvic flow electromyography(EMG) is emphasized and recommended to analyze the separate contributions of the detrusor and bladder outlet and sole UF is discouraged except for the follow-up study after abnormal ...

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Voiding School as a Treatment of Children's Day-time Incontinence or Enuresis

Children under school age attend to regular visits in Child welfare clinics for health examination and guidance. If the child have daytime incontinence or enuresis during the yearly visit at the age of 5 or 6, he or she is eligible for participating the study aiming to implement and evaluate ...

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Mebeverine For Daytime And Nocturnal Incontinence and After Orthotopic W-Ileal Neobladders

In appropriately selected patients an orthotopic neobladder (ONB) permits the elimination of an external stoma and preservation of body image without compromising cancer control after radical cystectomy. Voiding dysfunction (VD) following ONB can be divided into failure to empty bladder or failure to store urine. Failure to empty bladder by ...


Treatment of Neuropathic Pain in Leprosy

Despite large efforts to eradicate leprosy, this curable mycobacterial infection still affects 250,000 new individuals annually. Half of the globe's leprosy patients live in Brazil and India. In 2013, 33,033 new leprosy cases diagnosed in Brazil, with an average incidence of 1.05 cases / 10 000 inhabitants. Most new cases ...


The Effect of Methylphenidate on Primary Enuresis in Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Children aged 5 - 10 years newly diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder who report primary nocturnal enuresis, Investigators will obtain baseline data (from parents/caregivers) on their sleep habits and enuresis characteristics by questionnaire. After 6 weeks of methylphenidate therapy, prescribed for the attention deficit, a new questionnaire will be ...

Phase N/A

Clinical Values of Voiding Diary for Diagnosis and Treatment for Monosymptomatic Enuresis in Children

During the first visit to a doctor, a questionnaire about nocturnal enuresis will be filled in and additional tests will be done according to the standard procedure to screen out who have monosymptomatic enuresis.Then participants will complete a 3-day voiding diary or a 7-day voiding diary before treatment. During the ...

Phase N/A

Safety and Applicability Study of a Novel Heat Flow Sensor Unit for Measuring Urinary Bladder Capacity

The Primary objectives are to asses the safety and the physical performance of the SenseUrine’s sensor unit and to validate the concept of determining bladder volume by measuring heat flow. The Secondary objective is to optimize the device accuracy Primary endpoints: To show that the sensor has no negative effect ...


The Effect of Selecting Treatment With Desmopressin or Alarm to Children With Enuresis Based on Home Recordings.

This is a randomized, controlled study. This study will be performed at Aarhus University Hospital (Denmark), Ghent University Hospital (Belgium) and Hospital of Zhengzhou University (China) following the same protocol. According to the initial randomization, children will be allocated to treatment without (group A) or with (group B) prior clinical ...


Hand & Foot Nocturnal Enuresis TENS Study

Nocturnal enuresis is a common problem in children which can have a dramatic psychological and social impact on quality of life. Neuromodulation by transcutaneous foot stimulation of peripheral tibial nerve branches has been shown to produce a prolonged inhibition of micturition reflex contractions and significantly increase bladder capacity. The investigators ...

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