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Lymphedema Clinical Trials

A listing of Lymphedema medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (62) clinical trials

Lymphedema Treatment for Blunt Facial Trauma

Introduction The face is an anatomically complex structure, consisting of skin, muscles for both fine and gross motor functions, a complex bony structure, and vital sensory organs. These structures allow one to eat, breathe, see, hear, and speak. Injuries to the face caused by traumatic events such as motor vehicle ...

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Effectiveness of Fluoroscopy-guided MLD for Treatment of BCRL

According to the International Society of Lymphology, lymphoedema needs to be treated with Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (Consensus Document ISL 2013). This is a two-stage treatment programme. During the first or intensive phase, lymphoedema has to be maximally reduced. This phase consists of skin care, manual lymph drainage (MLD), multi-layer bandaging ...

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Clinical Translation of a Novel Albumin-Binding PET Radiotracer 68Ga-NEB

The labeling of albumin has advantages as drawing blood is unnecessary and the operator labeling is not exposed to potentially infectious material. Evans blue (EB) dye has high affinity for serum albumin, The final obtained products NEB (a NOTA conjugate of a truncated form of Evans blue for in vivo ...


Lymphedema Prophylaxis in Breast Cancer Survivors Who Show Early Evidence of High-risk Status

The current investigation is designed to prospectively evaluate the potential for simple, effective lymphedema prophylaxis in breast cancer survivors who show early evidence of high-risk status. There is growing evidence that the mechanisms of lymphatic repair after injury are mediated through lymphatic flow. Accordingly, we propose that physical measures designed ...

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Treatment of Lymphedema: Application of the Kinesio Taping

First part: To investigate the reliability study of water displacement and circumference measurement and the change in thickness of subcutaneous space measured by sonography and blood flow measured by DRT4 in normal subjects after applying K-tape. Second part: The incidence of breast carcinoma is in the second place in women ...


Characterization of the Pathogenesis of Primary and Secondary Lymphatic Disorders

Disorders of lymphatic function are associated with multiple presentations, the most common of which is lymphedema, a chronic swelling of the extremities, due to impaired lymphatic drainage. It can cause disability and a predisposition to infection and chronic ulceration. Other lymphatic disorders present with visceral manifestations such as regional or ...

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Hypofractionated vs Standard Radiotherapy in Breast Cancer With an Indication for Regional Lymph Node Irradiation About Lymphedema Occurrence

The standard treatment of localized breast cancers consists of surgical removal of the tumor at the breast or removal of the entire breast and lymph nodes (sentinel lymph node and / or axillary dissection) with or without chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy on the breast or thoracic wall and the lymph ...

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Presentation of First Time Attenders at Lymphedema Clinics

One of the most challenging morbidities after breast cancer treatment is lymphedema. Approximately 20% of women treated for breast cancer with axillary lymph node dissection will be diagnosed with lymphedema. Pre- and post-operatively, women are informed about changes suggestive of lymphedema and guided about seeking further assessment. The investigators presume ...

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A Registry to Evaluate the Flexitouch System and Flexitouch Plus for Treatment of Head and Neck Lymphedema

The objective of this registry is to evaluate the long term effectiveness of the Flexitouch System and Flexitouch Plus in those with head and neck lymphedema. This outcome data will include information regarding each subject's medical history, symptoms, quality of life, pain, range of motion (ROM), swelling, ease of use, ...

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