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Lymphedema Clinical Trials

A listing of Lymphedema medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (57) clinical trials

Prevention of Lymphedema Among Breast Cancer Patients Through Implementation of an Integrative Therapy Program (ITP)

Recruitment and Intervention: The study participants are recruited by their breast surgeon after they undergo axillary node dissection surgery. 4-6 weeks following surgery, the participants will receive a combination of acupuncture and self management education . Contents of self-management education include: Lymphedema knowledge: functions of the lymphatic system, anatomy of ...

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Comfort Subcutaneous Drainage: a Descriptive Study Among Palliative Phase Cancer Patients

Lower limbs lymphedemas are often reported in advanced palliative phase cancer patients. These oedemas have multiple causes and are complicated to be taken care of. Actual available treatments such as physiotherapist massage and compression stockings, are often lacking efficiency and are not adapted for these patients. Physical embarrassment, pain and ...

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Effects on the Personalized Rehabilitation Service in Patients With Cancer

In order to study the effectiveness of personalized healthcare service program for breast cancer rehabilitation, investigators designed this study using mobile phone and clinical intervention(feedback coaching).

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Rehabilitation of Patient With Acute Isolated PCL Rupture

The posterior cruciate ligament injuries (PCL) is rare and rehabilitation methods are varying. The purpose of the study is to explore if one rehabilitation option is preferable to one other for patients with acute PCL injury, by examining whether there will be differences in laxity in the knee joints and ...

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Innovation Oncological Rehabilitation: Applicability of the Different Techniques Physiotherapeutic Post Breast Cancer

The brest cancer is considered a public health problem worldwide. In Brazil, there was increased survival due to advances in early diagnosis and the therapeutic approaches each more accurate and effective, however these women require care and attention for short and long time, due to the consequences physical and psychosocial, ...

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Efficacy and Safety of Wuling San on Breast Cancer-related Lymphedema

The investigators will aim to enroll 200 female adult patients (aged between 20 and 40 years) of all ethnicities/races, who have been referred to the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University for breast cancer related unilateral lymphedema. The investigators will be using a standardized data collection form in this ...

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Fat Grafting Used for the Treatment of Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema in China

Breast cancer related lymphedema (BRCL) is a common complication following breast cancer treatment. The incidence of BRCL ranges from 6-50%, depending on the surgical procedure in the axilla and the type of the radiation therapy. BRCL can causes cosmetic deformities, impaired physical mobility, mental discomfort, reduced quality of life and ...


Lymphedema Treatment for Blunt Facial Trauma

Introduction The face is an anatomically complex structure, consisting of skin, muscles for both fine and gross motor functions, a complex bony structure, and vital sensory organs. These structures allow one to eat, breathe, see, hear, and speak. Injuries to the face caused by traumatic events such as motor vehicle ...

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Effectiveness of Fluoroscopy-guided MLD for Treatment of BCRL

According to the International Society of Lymphology, lymphoedema needs to be treated with Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (Consensus Document ISL 2013). This is a two-stage treatment programme. During the first or intensive phase, lymphoedema has to be maximally reduced. This phase consists of skin care, manual lymph drainage (MLD), multi-layer bandaging ...

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