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Periodontitis Clinical Trials

A listing of Periodontitis medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.

Found (123) clinical trials

NIPSA Versus Marginal Approach by Palatal Incision and MIST in Periodontal Regeneration

Three techniques for periodontal reconstruction will be compared, in which marginal access versus apical access will be carried out.

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Periodontal diseases is a chronic inflammatory diseases initiated by microbial infection that leads to a host response resulting in inflammatory breakdown of tooth supporting, osseous and soft tissue structures YKL-40 also called as human cartilage glycoprotein-39(HC-gp39), an acute phase protein is a novel potential bio marker in relation to both …

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Non-invasive Solution for Periodontal and Peri-implant Diseases (INPERIO)

DESCRIPTION: The Investigational Product "A-Ce toughened TZP nanocomposite implant" is a Medical Device (MD) intended for the dental rehabilitation of edentulous sites with fixed prosthesis. The "G3-coated NK2 abutment" is a MD intended for the prevention of peri-implant bone loss due to peri-implantitis. The MD are for dental use and …

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In Vivo Assessment of Endodontics Procedures

Infected root canal treatments will be performed in two sessions with a TF Adaptive system (Protocol recommended by manufacturer (Group Control) vs. Protocol based on the initial apical file). The root canals will be completed after 14 days. Patients will record postoperative pain during the follow-up period (7 days) using …

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Evaluation of Vertical Bone Gain After Ridge Augmentation With APRF & Xenograft Vs Collagen Membrane & Xenograft. RCT

Summry description Dental implants represent a reliable mean for replacing missing teeth and restoring dental function. With increased use of dental implants in replacement of missing teeth in partially edentulous patients the need for implants that satisfy both esthetics and function . Thus, the concept of restoration-driven implant placement has …

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Implant/Abutment Module Stability of Original vs Compatible Connections

Together with materials and type of retention, the stability of the implant abutment connection represents one of the key factor for the success rate of an implant supported restoration. The recent diffusion of high quality and easy to use CAD/CAM systems has contributed to market launch of a number of …

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Dental Carotid Cognitive Study

Periodontal Disease (PD) is present in 60+% of adults >65 years and is associated with tobacco smoking, diabetes, and atherosclerosis that worsen inflammation, comorbidities common in older people with mild to moderate cognitive impairment (MCI). Older MCI patients are prone to poor oral hygiene and dental health, which if untreated …

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Tooth Autotransplantation and Bone Dimension Changes

Tooth autotransplantation is a treatment option to replace tooth with imposible prognosis. In several cases the receipt site has a reduced bone dimension. This situation may be imposible the treatment with dental implants without bone reconstruction. Autotransplantation seem to improve the anatomic characteristic of the receipt site without any reconstruction …

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Efficacy of Periodontal Treatment on Systemic Inflammation and for Prevention of Exacerbations in Patients With COPD

Current data are showing a potential link between inflammatory biomarkers in chronic periodontitis and COPD. However the impact of periodontal treatment on systemic inflammation as measured by biomarkers and time to occurrence of acute exacerbations (AECOPD) remains an important but unresolved issue. This pilot study will provide information on effects …

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PeRiodontal Treatment to Eliminate Minority InEquality and Rural Disparities in Stroke

Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death and the leading cause of long-term adult disability in the United States. Stroke remains more common in North and South Carolina, part of the "buckle" of the stroke belt, and disproportionately impacts African Americans. The reasons for this racial disparity are poorly …