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Aneurysm Clinical Trials

A listing of Aneurysm medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.

Found (1259) clinical trials

Rapid Versus Prolonged Inpatient Up-Titration of Captopril

Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEi) are one of the most frequently prescribed pediatric cardiac medication and overall their safety in children is widely accepted. Pediatric formulary recommendations for ACEi suggest starting with a low initial dose (0.1 mg/kg), to avoid hypotension, and up-titration for a maintenance dose. However, side ranges …


Biomarkers of Aneurysm Wall Strength

Rupture of an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) is potentially lethal. prophylactic surgical repair is therefore warranted when the risk of rupture exceeds the risk of complications following surgery. Aneurysm rupture occurs when the forces (stress) acting on the aneurysm wall surpass aneurysm wall strength. Information on both wall stress and …

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Intensive Insulin Therapy for Strict Glycemic Control in Neurosurgical Patients: Safety and Efficacy

Intensive Insulin Therapy and Strict Glycemic Control (80-120 mg/dL) Versus Standard Insulin Therapy in Neurosurgical Intensive Care Patients (Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, Traumatic Brain Injury, Intracranial Expanding Lesion): Safety, and Efficacy (Mortality, Morbidity, Long Term Neurologic Outcome).


Cortisol Response to Adrenocorticotrophin (ACTH) in Acute Stress

This study proposes to provide the reference range of cortisol results when the ACTH stimulation test is done under stressful conditions. This important information is currently not available in the literature. To achieve this, we will perform the ACTH stimulation test in a cohort of patients who are booked for …

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Tailored Videos to Reduce Tobacco Smoke Exposure Among Pregnant Women and Newborns

BACKGROUND: The Healthy People 2010 Objectives address the importance of smoking cessation during pregnancy and the importance of reducing ETS exposure among children and adults. This study will use a new combination of existing technologies to maximize the appropriateness of prenatal and postpartum education concerning ETS exposure in an innovative, …

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Time Frequency Analysis of Electrocardiogram and Blood Pressure in Intracranial Hemorrhage Patients

Spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage is an absolute emergency in the field of neurosurgery, and it is also a devastating event that commonly results in major neurological disabilities or mortalities. Since disease severities and clinical courses vary in each patient, pathophysiological studies and prognostic factors are always worth research. From previous studies, …

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The Detection of Drug-Resistant HIV-1 in Taiwan

Drug-resistant HIV strains may develop during antiretroviral therapy, and transmission of drug-resistant virus has been documented to be possible. The emergence of drug resistance in HIV has been associated with suboptimal virologic response to antiretroviral therapy [1]. The likelihood that a patient will acquire drug-resistant virus is related to the …

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Dynamic Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA) Follow-up for EndoVascular Aortic Replacement (EVAR)

Endovascular Aortic replacement (EVAR) for the treatment of aortic aneurysms in patients at risk of aneurysm rupture is an established endovascular technique (ref: Blankensteijn, NEJM, 2005). However, the development of the endograft design is ongoing in order to prevent late endograft failure (e.g. graft breakage, graft displacement). The stresses and …

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Gene Therapy With GX-12 in Combination With HAART for the HIV-1 Infected Patients

Currently, management of HIV infection and AIDS is mainly done by antiviral chemotherapy which inhibits reverse transcriptase or proteolytic enzyme. The HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy) has indeed succeeded extraordinary in decrease of the mortality and in increase of the life expediency of AIDS patients. However, there have been some …


A Surveillance Program for the Detection of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Resistance to Tenofovir in HIV-HBV co-Infected Patients

Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) is a nucleotide analogue that can inhibit both HIV and HBV DNA polymerases, and is active against wild-type HBV and HBV strains that contain lamivudine-associated polymerase gene mutations (Dore, Cooper et al. 2004). TDF was approved for use, in combination with other antiretrovirals, for HIV therapy …

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