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Psychosis Clinical Trials

A listing of Psychosis medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (5) clinical trials

Bazedoxifene -Treatment for Women With Schizophrenia

Despite advances in the treatment of schizophrenia, pharmacotherapy remains sub- optimal, and the prognosis for many patients is poor. We have pioneered work showing that estradiol has a positive role in the treatment of psychosis symptoms and cognitive deficits seen in people with schizophrenia. However, with the longer-term work from ...


Creatine for Treatment of Depression Associated With Type 2 Diabetes

Depression is a debilitating illness associated with diminished quality of life and significant personal and societal costs. Depression is twice as common in those with type 2 diabetes compared to the general population. Antidepressants are commonly prescribed as treatment for depression; however, they may not be the optimal treatment for ...


Placebo-controlled Trial of 5-hydroxytryptophan and Creatine for SSRI or SNRI Augmentation in Treatment Resistant Depression in Females

Serotonin and creatine are processed separately in the brain, and deficits in these brain biochemicals lead to distinct clinical problems. Therefore, investigators believe that treatment with a combination therapy, which could correct both deficits, would have a synergistic effect in the treatment of hypoxia-related depression and possibly other forms of ...


Duloxetine for Major Depression in Peri-/Postmenopausal Women

Women approaching menopause and during the post-menopausal years appear to be at greater risk for developing major depressive episodes. Moreover, this period in life has been associated with significant functional impairment due to the presence/severity of vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes, night sweats), cognitive complaints, and poorer quality of life. In ...


Estrogen and Perimenopausal Depression

During perimenopause (the time just prior to menopause), women often notice many biological, psychological, and social changes. In particular, some women experience depressive symptoms during perimenopause that are severe enough to warrant antidepressant medication. Whether or not women with perimenopausal depression respond to antidepressant medication may depend on the level ...