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Knee Injuries Clinical Trials

A listing of Knee Injuries medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (41) clinical trials

Participation in this research study of an investigational drug could last up to 18 months and include approximately 17 clinic visits. Reimbursement may be provided to qualified participants for time and travel.

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This clinical study is researching a new medication to reduce pain in patients who are having a total knee replacement. The medication is provided intravenously prior to surgery. The study is researching the safety and effectiveness of the medication as well as if it will help reduce the amount of ...


This clinical study is researching a new technology to treat a specific type of knee cartilage injuries. The study is comparing their product and technique to a standardized and regularly performed procedure. Patients who qualify for this trial will receive all study related medication and care at no cost to ...

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Researchers at the University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences are inviting you to participate in a study to learn more about dietary intake, physical activity patterns and outcomes in people who have a history of ACL reconstruction. This study involves 5 visits to the University of Kentucky. Your participation ...

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"The e-vive trial for reducing pain and improving function is now enrolling patients with knee arthritis What is e-vive? The CyMedica e-vive system is an app based muscle strengthening solution designed to help you be proactive with your osteoarthritis conveniently from home. Qualified volunteers receive these items at no cost: ...

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Functional Resistance Training to Improve Knee Function After ACL Reconstruction

Profound quadriceps weakness is ubiquitous after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, and current rehabilitation approaches are not successful in optimizing quadriceps strength and knee function even years after the surgery. We hypothesize that suboptimal strength and functional outcomes after ACL surgery are due to the lack of task-specific exercise elements ...

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The Effect of Blood Flow Restriction Training on Muscle Atrophy Following Knee Surgery

The aim is to compare strength, patient reported outcomes, and functional outcomes of post-operative therapy with and without adjunctive BFR training. To accomplish this task the investigators will compare differences in thigh girth between two groups of patients after the first 6 weeks and 12 weeks as well as 6 ...

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The Effect of Commercially Available Footwear Interventions in Meniscectomy Patients

Injuries to the meniscus are common in sport, often as a result of a traumatic event. Mitchell et al. (2016) reported 5.1 meniscal injuries per 100 000 athletic exposures, with a greater proportion reported during competition (11.9 injuries per 100 000 athletic exposures), compared to practice (2.7 injuries per 100 ...

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Effect of Preoperative MRI Virtual Reality in Patients Undergoing Knee Arthroscope Surgery

The primary outcome of the study is APAIS score assessed at 24 hours postoperation. Experimental VR group will be applied with virtual reality transformed knee MRI whereas no interverntion group will be applied with traditional knee MRI. MRI will be transformed to virtual reality images by Mesh rendering technique.

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Stem Cell and Growth Factor Injury and Arthritis Clinical Research Study

The investigators believe that amniotic tissue allografts may be an effective modality to treat osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee. One important mechanism of action may be stimulation of the synovial cells to increase production of endogenous hyaluronic acid (HA). A second mechanism may be the increase in the anabolic factors ...

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