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Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials

A listing of Colorectal Cancer medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (198) clinical trials

The Canadian/US Integrative Oncology Study

It is estimated that between 50 and 80% of cancer patients in the United States (US) supplement their conventional oncology treatment regimen with some form of complementary or alternative medicine therapy or practice. A smaller percentage of these patients receive medical treatment from naturopathic doctors (NDs) who are board certified ...

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Cardiotoxicity and Risk Factors in Patients With Colorectal Cancer Receiving Fluoropyrimidine

All patients enrolled will be evaluated for cardiovascular risk factors and, if resulted at cardiovascular risk, they will be submitted to cardiac examination and therapy optimization before starting chemotherapy. Patients will be evaluated with 12-lead ECG and blood sample for TnI and NT pro-BNP before start chemotherapy and on day ...

Phase N/A

Patient-Centered Risk Adjusted Surveillance After Curative Resection of Colorectal Cancer

You are being asked to take part in this research study which is conducted at The University of Texas MD Anderson ("MD Anderson") and the Harris Health System because you (or someone you act as a caregiver for) are undergoing follow-up after curative resection of colorectal cancer. The goal of ...

Phase N/A

Urine Metabolomics and Colorectal Cancer Screening

This is a prospective, multi-centered study to assess whether urine metabolomics can play a role in the screening of colorectal cancer (CRC). Urine samples will be collected from 1000 patients going through an established CRC screening program, and from a further 500 patients who already have a diagnosis of CRC. ...

Phase N/A

The Effects of General Anesthetics on Lymphocytes in Patients Undergoing Colorectal Cancer Resection and Mechanism Involved

With the increasing number of patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer, the proportion of patients undergoing surgical resection with general anesthesia increased. However, the operation can lead tumor cells releasing into the blood or peritoneal implantation, and the impaired immune response can make patients susceptible to the development of tumor metastasis ...

Phase N/A

Study of Fecal Bacteria in Early Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer

Gut microbiota is closely related to human gut neoplasm. According to recent statistics, the abundance of FN (Fusobacterium Nucleatum) is connected with the development and progression of CRCs (colorectal cancers). Subsequent research shows identifying multiple microbial-specific genes in human feces using qPCR (quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction) may help diagnosis of ...

Phase N/A

Interventional Endoscopy Database for Pancreatico-biliary Gastrointestinal and Esophageal Disorders

Our institution performs therapeutic ERCP (Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography ), Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) and Interventional Endoscopy in around 1000 patients a year. Procedures such as biliary and/or pancreatic sphincterotomy, stents placement (metallic or plastic) and removal for revision, cysts and pseudocysts drainage are conducted in patients suffering from pancreatico-biliary disorders, gastrointestinal ...

Phase N/A

Diagnostic Potential of Hypermethylated DNA in Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most common forms of cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the western world, accounting for the annual death of 215.000 europeans in 2012 and an estimated 50.310 Americans in 2014. Sporadic CRC develops through the accumulation of genetic and ...

Phase N/A

RAS Mutation Testing in the Circulating Blood of Patients With Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

This study will evaluate the concordance of RAS mutation detection between the results obtained from circulating tumor DNA and those obtained with the "standard" method (testing from tumor tissue).

Phase N/A

Clinical Sequencing Project for Metastatic Cancer Patients for Personalized Cancer Clinic.

The next generation of personalized medical treatment according to the type of personal genetic information are evolving rapidly. The genome analysis needs systematic infra and database based on personal genetic information. Therefore, a big data of genome-clinical information is important. To determine the feasibility of the use of tumor's molecular ...

Phase N/A