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Vitamin Deficiency Clinical Trials

A listing of Vitamin Deficiency medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (81) clinical trials

Longitudinal Effect of Vitamin D3 Replacement on Cognitive Performance and MRI Markers in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Background: Multiple Sclerosis is strongly associated with low serum 25 hydroxy-vitamin-D (25(OH)D) and impaired cognitive performance. In our previous research, participants with low serum 25OHD levels showed significant improvements in visuo-spatial memory delayed recall after 3 months of vitamin D3 supplementation. In addition, serum 25(OH)D was significantly associated with this ...

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Vitamin D for Muscle Metabolic Function in Cancer Cachexia

Vitamin D repletion is linked to improved muscle mitochondrial function, lipid deposition and preservation; however, while vitamin D insufficiency is common in cancer, the mechanistic effects of vitamin D on muscle metabolic health in cancer patients have not been studied. This is important to address because cancer cachexia is characterized ...

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Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment Outcomes After Non-ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction

The leading cause of death in the world is due to cardiovascular events, which originate from coronary artery stenosis therefore it affects myocardial blood flow and finally may cause infarction. ST-Segment elevation is an indicator of infarction (STEMI) in electrocardiography (ECG) besides cardiac enzymes like troponin; however, there is another ...


The Influence of Food Matrix Delivery System on the Bioavailability of Vitamin D3

BACKGROUND The current project is a part of the vitamin D fortification with enhanced bioavailability study program (acronym: DFORT) which is an interdisciplinary project including research groups from Denmark, Spain, and the Netherlands supported by the Danish Innovation Foundation. The overall aim of DFORT is to develop more efficient strategies ...

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High-dose Vitamin D Supplements in Older Adults

General Design This Phase 2 randomized clinical trial of high-dose vs. standard dose Vitamin D (VitD) supplementation aims to prove feasibility of the intervention in a diverse community-recruited cohort and to provide an estimate of the effect sizes of treatment on cognitive change and brain MRI volumetric measures as the ...


PK/PD of Vitamin D3 in Adults With CF

Clinically stable CF patients with a history of pancreatic insufficiency (n=6) and matching non-CF subjects (n=6) will be recruited in this study. All subjects will be pre-screened for 25(OH)D status to include those with 25(OH)D levels below 30 ng/mL. The subjects will receive a single oral dose (300,000 - 600,000 ...

Phase N/A

The Effect of Vitamin C on Wound Healing In Mandibular Fracture Patients

In a prospective, randomized clinical trial of de novo mandibular fracture patients requiring intraoral surgical repair with plating, the investigators will: Compare the effects of supplemental vitamin C to placebo on soft tissue wound healing, measured by a) biomarkers of soft tissue repair (Procollagen I and III, Matrix Metallo-Proteinases 1,2,3 ...

Phase N/A

Maternal B12 Supplementation to Improve Infant B12 Deficiency and Neurodevelopment

The project is a multi-centric, double-blind and parallel two-armed randomised controlled trial divided into two stages: Stage 1: A total of 720 recruited mothers across India and Nepal will be randomly allocated to 2 equal groups (360 each). The patients, recruiters, developmental therapists, the laboratory and the data analyst will ...

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Effect of Vitamin K in Critically Ill Patients

Vitamin K-deficiency is common in the peri-operative and intensive care setting. It is often seen in patients with prolonged prothrombin complex (PK-INR). A prolonged (PK-INR) is sometimes treated with intravenous vitamin K, even in non-warfarin treated or non-liver failure patients. Despite the development of this practice the knowledge about how ...

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Innovative Food Structures to Enhance Nutrient Bioavailability

This randomized controlled trial (RCT) will compare the change in vitamin D status (25-hydroxyvitamin D nmol/L) after a 4 week intervention with 4 groups: Vitamin D enriched (20ug) olive oil emulsion drink Vitamin D enriched (20ug) coconut oil emulsion drink Placebo emulsion drink Vitamin D supplement (20ug) Participants will be ...

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