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Endometrial Cancer Clinical Trials

A listing of Endometrial Cancer medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (90) clinical trials

Etiosarc: Environmental Aetiology of Sarcomas From a Multicenter French Population-based Case-control Study Among Adults

The main objective of the ETIOSARC study is to assess the role of lifestyle, environmental and occupational factors in the occurrence of sarcomas among adults from a multicenter population-based case-control study. Specific objectives are: To identify environmental risk factors for sarcomas as a whole and for the most frequent subtypes; ...

Phase N/A

Ketohexokinase Isoforms in Endometrial Cancer.

Our preliminary analysis with clinical database suggested that, in patients with type I endometrial cancer, high ketohexokinase-expressing group have lower survival probabilities than low ketohexokinase-expressing group. To understand the importance of ketohexokinase expression and isoform switch during the development of type I endometrial cancer, we propose a series of in ...

Phase N/A

Sentinel Node Mapping in Women With Cervical and Endometrial Cancer

This study aims to evaluate the effect of SLN mapping on the incidence and severity of lymphedema in women with early stage cervical and endometrial cancer.

Phase N/A

Familial Investigations of Childhood Cancer Predisposition

During the study, blood samples or other healthy tissue will be obtained from participants, as well as medical and family histories. When possible, leftover tumor samples will also be collected. If participants agree to be re-contacted in the future, they will be asked about once each year to update their ...

Phase N/A

Sentinel Lymph Node Dissection (SLND) in Patients With Apparent Early Stage Endometrial Cancer

This is a non-interventional prospective chart review evaluating the clinical utility of SLND for detecting nodal metastasis of early stage endometrial cancer through data collection. Patients who are scheduled to undergo standard-of-care (SOC) surgical staging for EC (sentinel lymph node dissection (SLND) via laparotomy, laparoscopy or robotic surgery, hysterectomy, bilateral ...

Phase N/A

Comparative Prospective Data Collection in Connection With Two Different Treatment Methods: Robotic Assisted Laparoscopy and Conventional Laparoscopy

This is a prospective, randomized, single-center, observational clinical trial at the Department of Women's Health of the University Clinic Tbingen. Four hundred patients affected by uterine diseases that undergo treatment with robotic assisted laparoscopic procedures using the Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System (200 patients) or conventional laparoscopic surgery (200 patients) ...

Phase N/A

QUEST: QUality of Life and Experiences of Sarcoma Trajectories

The researchers will conduct a longitudinal cohort study among all sarcoma patients (18 years of age) that will be newly diagnosed in 1.5 years period from October 1st 2017 to March 30st 2019 in one of the participating study centers (5 centers in The Netherlands, 3 centers in England). Patients ...

Phase N/A

CA-IX p16 Proliferative Markers and HPV in Diagnosing Cervical Lesions in Patients With Abnormal Cervical Cells

PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: I. To examine CA-IX, p16, Ki-67, and mini-chromosome maintenance complex component 2 (MCM2) expression in liquid-based cytology (LBC) specimens to see which subset of markers can provide the optimal diagnosis of significant cervical lesions in women in North America with a cytologic diagnosis of atypical glandular cells (AGC) ...

Phase N/A

DOvEE - Diagnosing Ovarian & Endometrial Cancer Early

This study hopes to improve early detection of ovarian cancer. It will determine if women with bloating, abdominal distension, abdominal/pelvic pain, increased urinary frequency and/or early satiety, benefit from earlier surgery after screening by CA-125 ovarian cancer biomarker and transvaginal ultrasound.

Phase N/A

SYNERGY-AI: Artificial Intelligence Based Precision Oncology Clinical Trial Matching and Registry

The SYNERGY Registry is an international prospective, observational cohort study of eligible adult and pediatric pts with advanced solid and hematological malignancies, for whom the decision to consider CTE has already been made by their primary providers (PP). Using a proprietary application programming interface (API) linked to existing electronic health ...

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