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Colon Polyps Clinical Trials

A listing of Colon Polyps medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (87) clinical trials

Evaluation of Stool Tagging for Improved Patient Compliance

CT Colonography, a rapidly evolving technique, offers a noninvasive and efficient colorectal screening examination, with the potential to improve patient compliance. However, currently it requires the bowel preparation, one of the largest barriers to colonoscopy screening. A promising new tool in CT Colonography is stool tagging, which has the potential ...


PatientCareAnywhere Internet-Based Software in Improving Communication and Education in Patients With Cancer and Their Healthcare Providers

PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: I. Solicit stakeholder feedback on expected system functions, perceived usefulness and impacts, and potential adoption barriers via 10 focus groups. (Human Subjects [HS], Phase I) II. Develop the software prototype using an iterative user-centered design process and leverage the technical design and components from an existing clinic-based biopsychosocial ...

Phase N/A

European Polyp Surveillance Trial

This protocol describes the epos (ancient greek () for "story") of a group of related clinical trials aiming at addressing one of the most important unsolved challenges in the prevention of colorectal cancer (one of our major cancer killers); the surveillance of patients with premalignant polyps in the large bowel. ...

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Australian Multicentre Colonic Endoscopic Mucosal Resection Study

A prospective, multicentre, observational study of all patients referred for endoscopic resection of sessile colorectal polyps sized 20 mm conducted with intention to treat analysis. Detailed data regarding lesion characteristics (size, location, Paris classification, granular or non-granular surface morphology and Kudo pit pattern), procedural, clinical and histological outcomes and complications ...

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The Australian Colonic Advanced Mucosal Neoplasia and Endoscopic Resection Study

The Australian Colonic Endoscopic Mucosal Resection study (ACE), is a multicentre prospective observational study which examined WF-EMR of colonic AMN (Ethics approval No. HREC JH/TG 2008/9/6.1(2858)). This project now has an extensive dataset from 8 leading colonic endoscopic resection centres in Australia on more than 1500 lesions resected over 4 ...

Phase N/A

Comparison Rectal Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection to Endoscopic Mucosal Resection

EMR is a very effective procedure for lesions smaller than 20 mm. With this size the polyp can be removed en bloc. En bloc resection is preferred as it minimises the likelihood of residual adenoma and enhances histological assessment. It is also curative in superficially invasive submucosal disease. It eliminates ...

Phase N/A

Endoscopic Characteristics of Colonic Tumours

Laterally spreading tumours (LSTs), are polyps that have a lateral extension along the colon wall with minimal vertical growth. It has become evident over the last few years that rather than being a single entity requiring an accumulation of mutations, colon cancer is in fact a heterogenous disease forming via ...

Phase N/A

Post-op Wellness Program for Pancreatic Cancer Patients That Uses Patient Feedback and Real-time Provider Monitoring

PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: I. To explore the feasibility and acceptability in diverse samples of cancer patients of wireless collection and transmission of data for transfer into the open-source cyberinfrastructure (CI) called Cyberinfrastructure for Comparative Effectiveness Research (CYCORE). OUTLINE: Patients are assigned to 1 of 4 arms. ARM I (COLORECTAL CANCER PATIENTS) ...

Phase N/A

Prospective Study of Colonoscopic Resection of Large Polyps and Flat Lesions

Our goal is to collect data from our endoscopy reports (Endoscopy Clinic database) and electronic medical record system (Clinic Station) to complete a descriptive analysis of the demographics, 2) colonoscopy resection procedure, and 3) outcome of resection - immediate and delayed complications, tumor recurrence, and cancer during follow-up 01/01/2014 - ...

Phase N/A

Prospective Study of Colon Serrated Polyps

Our goal is to collect data from our endoscopy reports and electronic medical record system to complete a descriptive analysis of the demographics, colonoscopy resection procedure, and outcome of resection - immediate and delayed complications, tumor recurrence, and cancer during follow-up 010/01/2014 - 12/31/2025. Specific variable to be reviewed: Patient ...

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