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Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

A listing of Breast Cancer medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (136) clinical trials

Safety and Efficacy of Durvalumab Combined to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Localized Luminal B HER2(-) and Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

The study has a phase Ib and a phase II part. The phase Ib aims to evaluate the safety and tolerability of durvalumab in combination with a dose- dense EC regimen in a neoadjuvant setting for early breast cancer. The phase II aims to explore the efficacy of durvalumab in ...


Combination of Cryosurgery and NK Immunotherapy for Advanced Breast Cancer

By enrolling patients with breast cancer adapted to enrolled criteria, this study will document for the first time the safety and the short and long term efficacy of the combined therapy using cryosurgery and nature killer (NK) cells for advanced breast cancer. The safety will be evaluated by statistics of ...


Neoadjuvant Lenvatinib Combined With Letrozole in Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the commonest cancer among females in Singapore and worldwide. Approximately 60-70% of breast cancers are hormone receptor positive and thus potentially sensitive to endocrine therapy. However, both primary and acquired resistance to endocrine therapy exists, and better combinations are constantly being explored to delay endocrine resistance and ...


A Study of Metronomic CP and JX-594 in Patients With Advanced Breast Cancer and Advanced Soft-tissue Sarcoma (METROmaJX)

For the phase I study, this is a prospective open-label phase I trial based on a dose escalating study design assessing two dose level of JX-594 when associated to metronomic cyclophosphamide. For the phase II study, stratum soft-tissue sarcoma, this is a monocenter, randomized non comparative phase II clinical trial. ...


A Study of MCLA-128 in Patients With Solid Tumors

Study Design : This open label (all participants know the identity of the study drug), multicenter (more than one study site), first-in-human study consists of 2 parts. Part 1 is a dose escalation and Part 2 is a dose expansion cohort. Part 1 has been completed. Part 2 patient populations ...


Tissue Stresses of Cancer (Force Horizon 2020)

Magnetic Resonance Force (MRF) is based on Magnetic Resonance Elastography which uses mechanical waves to quantitatively assess the viscoelastic properties of tumours and the shift in interstitial fluid pressure (or stiffness) of tissues. It generates 3D images of applied deformation via low frequency acoustic waves within the tissue and provides ...


The Safety and Efficacy of Jobelyn in the Treatment of Breast Cancer Patients

Breast cancer is one of the most frequent malignant tumor of women in Nigeria. In Nigeria, among the urban women, the numbers of breast cancer patients were increasing annually, both to aging of the population and increase in age-specific incidences. Case control studies in parts of the country have identified ...


Combination of Trastuzumab and NK Immunotherapy for Recurrent Breast Cancer

By enrolling patients who have breast cancer of Her-2 positive adapted to enrolled criteria, this study will document for the first time the safety and the short and long term efficacy of the combined therapy using Trastuzumab and NK cells. The safety will be evaluated by statistics of adverse reactions. ...


Limiting Chemotherapy Side Effects by Using Moxa

Chemotherapy drugs are used to treat cancer cells. However, they can also affect bone marrow and reduce the ability to make certain types of blood cells. Low white blood cell counts can leave patients vulnerable to infection. Low red blood cell counts can lead to anaemia and feelings of fatigue ...


NK Cell Infusions With Trastuzumab for Patients With HER2+ Breast and Gastric Cancer

Recently, targeted immunotherapies have become part of the therapeutic arsenal in adult solid tumors, and have shown promising activity in melanomas and prostate cancers. Trastuzumab is a monoclonal antibody that targets HER2 and is used routinely in combination with chemotherapy in HER2 over-expressing breast and gastric cancer. Trastuzumab is known ...