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Orthopedics Clinical Trials

A listing of Orthopedics medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (89) clinical trials

A Clinical and Histological Analysis of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Amputation

This is a phase I single center open label trial study that will enroll sixteen patients requiring semi-elective below knee amputation (BKA) within a 30 day period for non-infectious complications related to critical limb ischemia (CLI). After enrollment patients will be randomized to BKA at 3,7,14, or 21 days after ...


Follow-up of Arthrosurface HemiCAP Implants

In summary, the investigators would like to contact all patients who have had HemiCAP implants done at CCF with at least 2 years of follow-up after their procedure. The investigators will use electronic or written means to alert the patients that they will be contacted by our team to discuss ...

Phase N/A

Catheter-based Peripheral Regional Anesthesia After Orthopedic Surgery to the Foot or Ankle

BACKGROUND Orthopedic surgery has been reported to be moderate to severely painful in approximately 50 % of patients. Peripheral regional anesthesia (PRA) using single injection nerve blocks is highly recommended as part of a multimodal, perioperative, analgesic treatment. Patients who are expected to have postoperative, severe pain exceeding the duration ...


Opioid Consumption After Hospital Discharge in Orthopedic Surgery

After being discharged from the hospital, opioids are major source of pain relief for patients. Previous studies show that 71% of patients prescribed opioid medications after thoracic surgery admitted to taking half or less of their prescribed opioid medications. The analysis showed a correlation between the amount of opioids consumed ...

Phase N/A

Caudal Dexmetedomedine Versus Magnesium in Orthopedic Pediatric Surgeries

History regarding previous anesthesia, surgery, any significant medical illness, medications and allergy will be taken for all children who will be enrolled in the study. Complete physical examination and airway assessment will be done. Hemoglobin percentage, blood sugar and coagulation profile will be investigated preoperatively Sedation will be done by ...


Effect of Rehabilitation on Ejection Fraction (FE) in Cardiopathic and Non Cardiopathic Patients Undergoing Major Orthopedic Surgery

It is a trial aimed to evaluate the ejection fraction in the preoperative phase and during follow-up in two groups of subjects undergoing major orthopedic surgery: the first consisting of subjects without history of cardiac disease, and the second from subjects with a history of cardiopulmonary disease

Phase N/A

Clinical Screening of Acute Ruptures of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament of the Knee

A observational, Prospective, non-randomized, multi-centric study. The main objective of this study will be to determine the diagnostic performance (sensitivity and specificity) of a functional score for the detection of a rupture of the knee ACL in the immediate post-traumatic period. It will follow the methodology for the evaluation of ...

Phase N/A

Sterilizing Effects of the Erbium:YAG Laser Upon Metal Implants

Background Even today, postoperative infection is the commonest complications after surgery although all aseptic precautions are taken and causes significant postoperative morbidity, mortality, prolongs hospital stay, and increases costs. Infections that are related to orthopaedic procedures are considered particularly severe when implantation materials are used which further increases the risk ...

Phase N/A

A Clinical Study of Acupuncture Comprehensive Therapy on Common Orthopedic Pain Syndromes

Thumbtack Intra-dermal Needle is a type of intra-dermal needle with a round thumbtack like needle head that is perpendicular to the needle and its sharp end. It is also named as Push-pin Intra-dermal Needle. The Thumbtack Intra-dermal Needle is designed to be embedded in the dermal part of the patients'body ...

Phase N/A

Study of PLGA-Mg Material in Clinical Orthopedics

The deposition of calcium could be facilitated by the increase of magnesium, which played an important role in fracture union. However, its degradation may be completed before the fracture line was disappeared. In addition, the hydrogen may be released during degradation. Thus, its clinical popularization was limited. As a new ...