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Brain Cancer Clinical Trials

A listing of Brain Cancer medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (194) clinical trials

Rates DMBT1 ( Glycoprotein) in Sputum of CF Patients With Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Rates of DMBT1 (Deleted in Malignant Brain Tumor 1) will be compared between 2 groups of 30 CF patients : group 1 : with Pseudomonas Aeruginosa chronic colonization and group 2 30 CF patients without Pseudomonas Aeruginosa chronic colonization.

Phase N/A

Neurobehavioral Outcomes and Quality of Life in Pediatric Patients With Brain or Head/Neck Tumors Receiving Proton or Photon Radiotherapy

Background: Neurobehavioral functions and quality of life (QoL) are the important outcome measurements after radiotherapy in patients with brain tumors and even head/neck cancers. However, few studies have focused on neurobehavioral functions and QoL after anti-cancer treatment particularly brain radiotherapy for pediatric/adolescent patients with brain tumors. This study thus aims ...

Phase N/A

Brain Functional MRI in Older Women With Breast Cancer (Brain fMRI-BC)

Breast cancer is the leading cancer diagnosed among woman in the US and is the second leading cause of cancer deaths. Adjuvant chemotherapy has been proven to decrease the risks of relapse and mortality from breast cancer. However, older adults are at increased risk for chemotherapy toxicity, including an increased ...

Phase N/A

Collaborative Self-Management Support in Chronic Conditions - Qualitative Study

The management of chronic conditions is a challenge for health systems worldwide, particularly in the context of an aging population, and requires urgent improvement of health services. Integrated care and patient empowerment represent promising solutions: offering tailored self-management support in a collaborative framework led to good results in several clinical ...

Phase N/A

Early Detection of Cardiovascular Disease

Study Design: The investigators will conduct a prospective, single-center, observational study at the Cardiovascular Imaging Network at Queen's (CINQ, www.CINQLab.com). This facility allows a CEUS protocol to be conducted on the same day as the angiogram. It is anticipated that 100 participants can be recruited per month with a total ...

Phase N/A

Characterization of Human Autoantibody Titers After Central Nervous System Insult

Study Objectives: We aim to: Quantitate CNS autoantibody development in human blood using ELISA after human brain injury, spinal cord injury, and intra-axial brain surgeries. We also aim to characterize the temporal course of this response. Characterize how CNS autoantibody levels correlate with specific injury patterns as well as radiographic ...

Phase N/A

The Effectiveness and Safety of Human Lumbar Puncture Assist Device (LPat)

"Human Lumbar Puncture Assist Device (LPat)" was invented as an assist tool to be utilized to improve the success rate of performing lumbar puncture (LP), avoid side effects from multiple punctures, avoid excess radiation.

Phase N/A

CNS and Extracranial Tumor Tissues CSF and Blood From Patients With Melanoma Brain Metastases

Among the different sites to which melanoma can spread, the Central Nervous System (CNS) has the highest chance of developing metastases. Prognosis for metastatic melanoma involving the CNS is worse than that of CNS metastases from other cancers. Therefore, it is felt that early identification of this condition, even before ...

Phase N/A

Vegetative Monitoring During Brainstem-associated Surgery

Intraoperative Monitoring of Heart rate variability, Blood pressure variability, Baroreceptorsensivity etc.

Phase N/A

Evaluating the Expression Levels of MicroRNA-10b in Patients With Gliomas

MicroRNAs (miRNA) are molecular biomarkers that post-transcriptionally control target genes. Deregulated miRNA expression has been observed in diverse cancers. In high grade gliomas, known as glioblastomas, the investigators have identified an oncogenic miRNA, miRNA-10b (mir-10b) that is expressed at higher levels in glioblastomas than in normal brain tissue. This study ...

Phase N/A