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Fever Clinical Trials

A listing of Fever medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (4) clinical trials

Dopamine and Muscle Function in the Heat

Increased core temperature (hyperthermia) has been associated with impaired neuromuscular performance, with the majority of research suggesting that the observed fatigue is related to the central nervous system. Small doses of Ritalin has been used to study how changes in dopamine activity affects exercise capacity in the heat. This study ...

Phase N/A

Safety of Recombinant Hybrid GMZ 2 [GLURP + MSP 3] Blood Stage Malaria Vaccine

Background. GMZ2 is a recombinant hybrid of the Glutamate Rich Protein (GLURP) and the Merozoite Surface Protein 3 (MSP 3).This product has been developed at Sate Serum Institute in Denmark and Bacth released by Henogen of Belgium. The phase Ia trial in malaria naive volunteers is currently ongoing in Germany, ...


Susceptibility of Gambian Adults to PfSPZ-Challenge Infection in the Controlled Human Malaria Infection Model

The main hypothesis is that cumulative exposure to natural Pf infections, as defined by the antibody profile to a defined panel of Pf antigens, is associated with an increasing pre-patent period and/or a reduced parasite growth rate in the CHMI after PfSPZ Challenge. The Primary objectives are to assess safety ...

Phase N/A

Triple Antimalarial Combination to Accelerate the Parasite Clearance and to Prevent the Selection of Resistant Parasites

According to WHO, resistance to artemisinin derivatives (ART) is emerging in many areas of the Greater Mekong Region as a delayed parasite clearance following a standard treatment by artemisinin combined therapy (ACT). Artemisinin resistance is often accompanied by the resistance to the partner drugs such as piperaquine (PPQ), mefloquine (MEF), ...