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Addictions Clinical Trials

A listing of Addictions medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (280) clinical trials

Brain Stimulation For Cancer Smokers

Specific aims: Smoking cessation and relapse prevention represent and important opportunity to improve cancer survival rates , reduce the risk of cancer treatment complication, and improve the quality of life of patients with and survivors of cancer . Previous studies showed that repetitive TMS (rTMS) reduced cue craving to smoking ...

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Post Acute Cardiac Event Smoking (PACES) Study

This project will implement a fully powered efficacy trial enrolling 324 smokers with ACS and randomize them to 12 weeks of either Behavioral Activation Treatment for Cardiac Smokers (BAT-CS) or control condition (including contact match). BAT-CS interventions will focus on smoking cessation and mood management, while the control condition will ...

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Prevention and Risk: Treatment With a New Emphasis on Relationships

This study aims to evaluate a individual-focused intervention with an integrated focus on drug use and HIV prevention, including uptake of and adherence to PrEP. The investigators will recruit a sample of 240 partnered individuals. Recruitment occurs using a mix of in-person and Internet recruitment. Outreach workers will visit bars ...

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BANCO Study: Behavioral Addictions and Related NeuroCOgnitive Aspects: A Monocentric Prospective Controlled Open-label Study of a Sample of Patients With Gambling Disorder

The prevalence of people suffering from gambling disorder is relatively high, and the impact on this disorder the individual and those around him is considerable. The etiopathogenic model of gambling disorder is multifactorial, involving various risk and vulnerability factors, involved in the initiation and maintenance of the disorder. Among these ...

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Addiction Among Mental Health Professionals

Our goal is to determine the representations of addiction among caregivers working in the field of mental health. We hypothesize that caregivers, despite their investment in care, have a negative social representation of patients suffering from addictive disorders, which could be related to a lack of training on the pathology ...

Phase N/A

Effect of Cigarette Pack Warnings and Packaging Among Young Adult Smokers

The study includes young adult smokers ages 18 to 30. Eligible participants are young adults ages 18 to 30 years inclusive who report smoking at least 100 lifetime cigarettes and now smoking on all or some days. Participants must also reside in the metro Washington, DC area. The first portion ...

Phase N/A

A clinical trial sponsored by Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf for a research study for the treatment of Pathological gambling

The study examines the efficacy of a computer-based training program for individuals with problematic and pathological gambling behavior. The main objective of the study is to investigate the extent to which the online program leads to a significant reduction in pathological gambling. The primary outcome is the Pathological Gambling Adaptation ...

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Patients are needed to participate in a clinical research study to evaluate Tobacco abuse

In this pilot study, menthol cigarette smokers will be randomized to one of three experimental marketplaces: 1) a condition simulating a ban on menthol cigarettes but not menthol e-cigarettes (condition A); 2) a condition simulating a ban on both menthol cigarettes and menthol e-cigarettes (Condition B); and 3) a condition ...

Phase N/A

A clinical trial to evaluate treatments for patients with Drug abuse, Quality of life

Assess the impact of the systematic use of STOPP/START tool during medication conciliation on the evolution of hospitalised elderly people's quality of life at 2 months.

Phase N/A

A clinical trial sponsored by Kent State University for a research study for the treatment of Tobacco abuse

SPECIFIC AIMS Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. Current first line treatments leave approximately 70% of tobacco dependent individuals unsuccessful in their attempt to quit. Specifically, only 5-30% of those who initiate treatment, including intensive first-line interventions, are able to maintain abstinence for one or ...

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