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Addictions Clinical Trials

A listing of Addictions medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (37) clinical trials

Brief Intervention for ICU Patients With Alcohol Use Disorders

Patients non-electively admitted to intensive care units (ICUs) will be screened for eligibility. The investigators will include adult patients with risk level alcohol use, defined by AUDIT-C score (>5 for females, >6 for males). Informed consent will be obtained from the patient in the end or shortly after the ICU ...

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Medical Student Counseling for Hospitalized Patients Addicted to Tobacco

India is the 2nd largest consumer of tobacco in the world, with 275 million Indians using tobacco. Each hospitalization is an opportunity for providers to motivate their patients to quit. However, the Indian medical curriculum typically offers little training in the skills required to successfully counsel a patient to quit ...

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Study of Structural Imaging

Objective The purpose of this protocol is to characterize cerebellar volumes and function in alcoholics and recovery of cerebellar volume and function during early abstinence. This study also investigates how cerebrocerebellar circuits contribute to cognitive and motor impairment in alcoholism. Study Population Healthy volunteers and Inpatient participants with alcohol use ...

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Sex Differences Cognitive Training & Emotion Processing

This pilot project leverages the team's expertise in neurobehavioral assessment and focus on sex differences to examine the potential efficacy of cognitive training in treatment-seeking men and women with alcohol use disorders (AUDs). Specifically, the ask whether cognitive training interventions derived from current methods and conceptual models has differential benefits ...

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Addiction Treatment in Primary Care Expansion

Among Veterans receiving healthcare from the Veterans Health Administration (VA), there has been sharp rise in the number of veterans diagnosed with opioid use disorder (OUD). In 2013, 25,031 Veterans had OUD and in 2017, Veterans with OUD nearly tripled to 69,142.6 As the largest direct provider of addiction treatment ...

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Testing Doxazosin to Treat Stress Mechanisms in Alcoholism

OBJECTIVES To translate the preclinical evidence from animal models to stress-induced relapse in humans via direct pharmacological antagonism of the noradrenergic system in abstinent alcoholics with doxazosin, an alpha1 noradrenergic receptor blocker. To screen the efficacy of doxazosin to target stress-related relapse mechanisms in abstinent alcoholics as a cost-effective first ...


Theta-Burst Stimulation as a Treatment for Reducing Cocaine Use

Objectives: Illicit drug use affects tens of millions of Americans and costs nearly $200 billion annually in health care costs and lost productivity. Cocaine dependence accounts for 25% of reported lifetime drug dependence though few successfully abstain with treatment. For efforts toward positive long-term outcomes, it is imperative to identify ...


Development Of Neuroimaging Methods To Assess The Neurobiology Of Addiction

Objectives: There are two main goals in this protocol, 1) to improve sensitivity as well as spectral and spatiotemporal resolutions in magnetic resonance (MR) studies assessing structural, neurochemical, hemodynamic and electrophysiological changes that occur in the human brain during the resting state as well as those that occur in response ...

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Brain Inflammation and Function in Alcoholism

The abuse of high doses of alcohol is associated with cognitive impairment that in extreme cases can result in dementia. However, the mechanisms underlying the neurotoxic effects of alcohol to the human brain are poorly understood. Here we test the hypothesis that alcohol-induced neuroinflammation contributes to its neurotoxic effects in ...

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Unit and Clinic Evaluation Screening Assessment and Management

This study represents the natural history protocol for NIAAA with the main objectives of providing assessment, clinical care, evaluation, characterization and screening. The specific goals of this protocol are the following: To provide clinical care, including but not limited to medically assisted withdrawal from alcohol ( detoxification ), as well ...

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