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Addictions Clinical Trials

A listing of Addictions medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (12) clinical trials

Effectiveness of a Case Management Intervention for Alcohol Use-Related Problems in Frequent Users of an Emergency Department

Methods Randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of a Case Management programme for ED Frequent Users presenting risky alcohol use in the ED of a tertiary hospital in Barcelona. All patients between 18 and 65 years old that frequently attended Hospital Clnic of Barcelona emergency department during the previous ...

Phase N/A

The Interplay Between Addiction to Tobacco Smoking and Sleep Quality Among Healthy Adults

Scientific background Tobacco smoking is a major health problem, leading to considerable morbidity and mortality due to cancer, pulmonary illnesses, and cardiovascular diseases (Taghizadeh, Vonk & Boezen, 2016). The main psychoactive and addictive substance in tobacco is nicotine (Zaparoli & Galduroz, 2012). Nicotine addiction is a complex phenomenon that involves ...

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Modification of Alternative Reward Cue Reactivity and Cognitive Control Through Physical Activity in Human Tobacco Use Disorder

This study will test the hypothesis that physical exercise training modifies alternative reward cue reactivity and cognitive control in tobacco use disorder and that these modifications mediate the effect of exercise on abstinence. Continued physical exercise training was shown to reduce tobacco consumption and prevent relapse in tobacco use disorder ...

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A Therapeutic Workplace to Address Poverty and Substance Use

Addiction is a chronic relapsing disorder. High magnitude and long-duration voucher-based abstinence reinforcement is one of the most effective treatments for alcohol and drug addiction and can maintain abstinence over extended periods of time, but practical methods of implementing these interventions are needed. Workplaces could be ideal and practical vehicles ...

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Identification of Psychoactive Substance Users in Young Adults (16 to 25 Years Old) Visiting the Emergency Department

Adolescence is a time for great physical and psychological change and it's often at that period of life that first use of psychoactive substances occurs. Although addiction is rare in teenagers, psychoactive substances abuse can have serious long-term health consequences on them. This is therefore a priority for all healthcare ...

Phase N/A

Testing Legally Feasible Options: Study 1

Tobacco advertising at retail point-of-sale (POS) includes promotional allowances that permit tobacco products to be advertised and sold at reduced cost to consumers (e.g., two-for-one specials); high visibility sale and therefore placement of hundreds of tobacco products on power walls; and the display of a large, diverse collection of poster ...

Phase N/A

E-Cigarette Effects on Markers of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disease

E-cigarette use is increasing rapidly in the United States, especially amongst youth, underscoring the vital need to improve understanding of its health risks. Relevant data could inform policy, guide public health and clinical intervention efforts, and inform individuals who might use or who are using this product. This research will ...

Phase N/A

HCV Reinfection After DAA Therapy in PWID in Belgium

This protocol is an adapted version of the protocol 'Hepatitis C reinfection after successful directly acting antiviral treatment: A North-Atlantic multicenter interventional study'. The investigators will plan this study so that the data are similar to this protocol and results can be compared within this alliance of hepatologists with special ...

Phase N/A

CSD190501: A Study to Determine Subject Puffing Patterns of an Electronic Nicotine Delivery System in an Ambulatory Setting

Potential subjects will complete a pre-screening interview and a Screening Visit to assess their eligibility and, based on meeting eligibility requirements, will be enrolled into the study on the same day of the Screening Visit. Once enrolled, the subjects will be assigned to one of the seven flavor variants of ...

Phase N/A

Cannabis and Tobacco Co-use Study

Cannabis co-use among tobacco users is exceedingly common and rates of co-use appear to be increasing among adults in the US, which is consistent with overall increases in cannabis use rates among US adults. Given the current cannabis landscape, further increases in cannabis use are likely and may result in ...