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A listing of test-category medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (22) clinical trials

A research study is evaluating blood samples collected from lung cancer and pulmonary nodule patients to assist in future diagnostic test development.

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Impact of Virtual Reality Before Oocytes Retrieval on Anxiety and Pregnancy Rate

The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the impact of a session of virtual reality (VR) with the objective of lowering the anxiety level on the clinical pregnancy rate following an In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedure. Indeed, anxiety in relation to infertility happens frequently and over time, can become ...

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A More Engaging Visual Field Test to Increase Use and Reliability in Pediatrics

The majority of young children do not think that visual field (VF) testing of peripheral vision is similar to a game; therefore, it is not surprising that they have difficulty maintaining attention during VF testing and thus the test reliability suffers as a consequence. Poor VF reliability has been a ...

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A Study to Test the Impact of an Improved Chulha on Respiratory Health of Women and Children in Indian Slums

Noting the significant health impact of the use of solid fuels and traditional cooking systems on (public) health indicators, it is imperative to find clean cooking solutions for urban slum dwelling communities. While several efforts have been made to reduce indoor air pollution in India, most efforts focused on "enhancing ...

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Evaluation of Doppler Flow From the Femoral Artery as a Reflection of Cardiac Flow in a Vascular Fluid Test

It is notable that in the intensive care patient, the ultrasound measurement of cardiac flow is not always possible, especially in case of mechanical ventilation, often responsible for air interposed between the ultrasound probe and the heart, thus stopping the ultrasound. Use the blood pressure increase as a reflection of ...

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Smart Linkage-to-HIV Care Via a Smartphone App

This evaluation of a newly designed smartphone application (app) for linkage to care, HIV treatment adherence and retention in care, is taking place at five Johannesburg health facilities. Intervention allocation is random with individuals either receiving the smartphone app or standard of care. The trial is motivated by evidence from ...

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Evaluate the Utility of the ProLung China Test in the Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

This Study will assess the stability of the ProLung China Test classification algorithm when used as an adjunct to CT scan. This Study will assess whether there are any potential safety concerns of the ProLung China Test when used to evaluate patients with a positive CT scan for lung cancer.

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ScreenOX - An Automated At-home Screening Test for Adult Sleep Apnea Using Nocturnal Oximetry

Participants are recruited from the specialized sleep outpatient facilities of the Ro Hortega University Hospital from Valladolid (Spain). All patients are referred from primary care due to moderate-to-high clinical suspicion of suffering from sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome (SAHS). The final population is randomly split into two independent datasets: 1) training set ...

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Use TST and QFT-RD1 Test to Monitor the Tuberculous Infection in Patients Close Contact People and Health Care Workers

STUDY POPULATION AND METHODS Population The study population represented individuals screened for TB over a 6-month period ending in December 2004 as part of a number of community health outreach programs based at the Center of Disease Control in Taichung, Taiwan. Changhwa Veterans Home is a government-expense veterans home with ...


Prospective Validation Study of a Novel Type IV Home Sleep Apnea Test

The purpose of this prospective validation study is the evaluation of the accuracy of the NightOwl HSAT to derive parameters relevant for the diagnosis of sleep apnea. The NightOwl HSAT comprises a finger or forehead mounted sensor and an automated analytics software. The sensor measures double-wavelength photo-plethysmography and accelerometry. The ...

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