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Aging Clinical Trials

A listing of Aging medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (462) clinical trials

Role of Sleep on Motor Learning in Parkinson's Disease and Healthy Older Adults

PwPD often fail to retain training effects via the process of motor memory consolidation, by which newly acquired skills transform intro robust and long-lasting motor memories without further practice. Compromised consolidation leads to an inevitable deterioration of daily functioning while hindering the prolonged effects of rehabilitation even in the early ...

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The Northwestern University Two-Generation Study of Parent and Child Human Capital Advancement

The Northwestern University Two-Generation Study (NU2Gen) of Parent and Child Human Capital Advancement is funded through Community Action Project of Tulsa County's (CAP Tulsa) Health Profession Opportunity Grant (HPOG II) from the Administration for Children and Families and through the HPOG II University Partnership grant. The federal awards support the ...

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Activate For Life: mHealth Intervention To Address Pain And Fatigue In Low-income Older Adults Aging In Place

The Overall Aim of the present proposal is to evaluate the feasibility of an integrated mind-body intervention, Activate for Life, to improve overall physical activity and mental health and reduce pain and fatigue, resulting in increased likelihood of Aging in Place. Both subjective self-report (i.e., NIH PROMIS measures of pain, ...

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Expanding the Cycle of Opportunity: Simultaneously Educating Parents and Children in Head Start

Randomization will take place with all applicants who have agreed to the study and are selected to participate in CareerAdvance. Two-thirds of participants will be selected for the treatment group and will be able to enroll in CareerAdvance immediately. The other one-third of the participants will be assigned to the ...

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Study of Photobiomodulation to Treat Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration (LIGHTSITE III)

This study is a double-masked, sham-controlled, parallel design prospective, multi-site study on the use of photobiomodulation (PBM) as a treatment for visual impairment in subjects with dry AMD. Subjects will receive repeated sham or PBM treatments at several time-points throughout the 2-year study.

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Effectiveness of a Web-based Intervention on Parental Psychological Flexibility and Emotion Regulation

Family context, and specifically parents' educational styles (PE) can act as a protective or risk factor for the maintenance and development of various disorders in childhood. When the child is diagnosed of a disease, disorder or difficulty, parents can develop a series of beliefs that will mediate their PEs, their ...

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Parental Sense of Competence Workshops for Parents of Children With Sensory Processing Issues

Introduction. Parents of children with sensory processing issues (SPIs) experience decreased levels of parental sense of competence (PSOC) in managing SPI-related behaviours that challenge conventional parenting skills. Occupational therapy (OT)-led parent education workshops (PEWs) have been found to increase the PSOC of parents of children with SPIs who have a ...

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Does Overpractice Improve Motor Learning?

What is the ideal amount, or dose, of practice needed for a person to learn a motor skill? Studies suggest that "more is better," but the optimal dose of motor practice is unknown. Motor learning is defined as a set of internal processes leading to a relatively permanent change in ...

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Impact of Healthy Diet and Physical Activity on Metabolic Health in Men and Women

This three arm randomized-controlled study includes the following groups: Controls, Healthy Diet group and Healthy Diet+Physical exercise group. The study will particularly address the following aspects: determine food literacy, perceived attitudes and barriers for the adoption of new dietary habits incorporating increased fruit and vegetable intake in adults. explore the ...

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Comparison of Femto-laser and Manually Created Clear Corneal Incisions During Cataract Surgery

The aim of this study is to test the hypothesis, that in terms of Surgically Induced corneal Astigmatism (SIA), Higher-order Aberrations (HOA), and wound geometry the femtosecond clear corneal incisions (CCIs) created during cataract surgery are not inferior when compared to manual CCIs. The potential risks associated with application of ...

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