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Menopause Clinical Trials

A listing of Menopause medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (23) clinical trials

Resistant Starch Epigallocatechin Gallate and Chlorogenic Acid for Body Weight Loss in Menopause

For women aged between 55 and 65 years weight gain is a major health concern. Obesity is an important risk factor for multiple diseases (e.g. metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and cardiovascular disease), and several studies have shown that the transition to menopause is associated with adverse changes in body ...

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Assessing the Value of Red Grapes Polyphenol Supplementation on Metabolic Parameters in Obese Insulinoresistant Subjects

Obesity, chronic disease, is a real public health problem because of its high prevalence but also because of the high risk of complications, including insulin resistance (IR) and type 2 diabetes (T2D). The mechanisms involved in the development of IR are not well known. Oxidative stress and inflammation induced by ...

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Efficacy and Safety of HPC-03 for Postmenopausal Symptom

The results of preclinical efficacy evaluation of HPC-03 (Angelica gigas Nakai complex extract) obtained by mixing materials mentioned above showed that increase of serum estrogen level and increase of bone mineral density (BMD) of femur due to ALP(Alkaline phosphatase ) inhibition, bone related index (BALP,bone-specific alkaline phosphatase ; CTX- 1,C-terminal ...

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A Double-Blind Study to Evaluate the Effect of Femarelle on Menopausal on Vasomotor Symptoms

Symptomatic menopausal women will be divided to treatment with Femarelle or placebo for 12 weeks after two weeks of baseline record. Hot flashes daily diary will be recorded daily and a quality of life questionnaire will be filled at the beginning and at completion of the study.

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Evaluation of Percutaneous Treatment by Cryoablation of Unifocal Invasive Breast Carcinoma in Menopausal Women With Indication of Lumpectomy

The primary objective of this monocentric and feasibility study is to review the efficacy of cryotherapy in the treatment of unifocal mammary carcinomas in post-menopausal patients, with lumpectomy indication. The efficacy is defined by the rate of success of cryotherapy procedures. For each one of those evaluated process, an success ...

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RCT of Laser Therapy for GSM

Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM) is the new terminology for "vulvovaginal (VVA)". Although women may present with some or all of the clinical signs and symptoms, the most common symptom of VVA/GSM is vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness appears early at menopause with a subsequent increase of prevalence as postmenopausal years' ...

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The Role of the Gut Microbiota in Estrogen Metabolism and Dietary Flax as a Potential Modulator.

This pilot study will begin to address whether gut microbiota change with estrogen suppression. Specifically, the investigators will test whether gut microbial diversity and abundance change in response to estrogen suppression and consumption of dietary flaxseed. To test this possibility the investigators will recruit premenopausal women (age 20-40 years old)and ...

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Menopause Effects on Vascular Function

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in women (Roger, Go, Lloyd, Adams, Berry, Brown, et al, 2011). Functional changes in the microvasculature occur with aging and precede atherosclerosis, contributing to CVD (Seals, Jablonski, & Donato, 2011). Furthermore, because of the decline in ovarian hormones during menopause, age-related ...

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Brown Adipose Tissue Activity in Pre- and Postmenopausal Women

Participants will be asked to perform studies to measure resting metabolic rate and activity of brown adipose tissue or brown fat. Brown fat is different from regular "white fat" in that it produces heat and burns calories. The investigators will measure how active brown fat is at normal room temperature ...

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