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Asthma Clinical Trials

A listing of Asthma medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (128) clinical trials

Respiratory Outcome of Children From the FEPED Cohort

Children aged 5 to 6 years old will be included from the FEPED cohort. The FEPED cohort is a cohort of French pregnant women designed to study the association between vitamin D status during pregnancy and the risk of pre-eclampsia. Vitamin D concentration at first and third trimester of pregnancy ...

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Sorting and Expression Profiling of Airway Cells From Humans (The SEARCH Study)

The airway epithelium is critical for normal lung function and changes in the epithelium are central to the development of asthma. Precise regulation of gene transcription is essential for airway epithelial cell differentiation and transcription changes lead to many abnormalities seen in asthma. Despite the dominant role of enhancers in ...

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Status Asthmaticus on the Intensive Care Prospective - STATIC PRO

This study will prospectively assess the impact and relevance of several risk factors for children with severe acute asthma (SAA) or acute wheeze that have been identified in retrospective studies. Secondary we will assess short-term medical and psychosocial functioning in patient (and parents) admitted to a PICU for SAA/acute wheeze ...

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Immune Interactions in Severe Asthma

This study will obtain human lung samples by bronchoscopy from a range of asthmatics and healthy controls to address questions related to the mechanisms for the development of the complex immune processes observed in the lungs. Samples will be evaluated for Type-1, Type-2 and Interleukin-27 (IL-27) expression (and their downstream ...

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Multiple Breath Washout a Clinimetric Dataset

Lung Clearance Index (LCI) has been shown to be more sensitive and perhaps more applicable in early stages of lung disease when compared to currently utilised physiological outcome measures, and yet it is not approved by regulatory agencies as a recognised surrogate outcome measure. This may highlight some of the ...

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European Management Platform for Childhood Interstitial Lung Diseases - chILD-EU Register and Biobank

Objective 1: Generation of a common European database and biobank. The existing national programmes to collect data on chILD in three countries (France, Germany, UK) will enable the consortium to swiftly adapt current frameworks to a functionally appropriate pan-European web-based database and biobank. Importantly, compatibility with ongoing United States chILD ...

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Refractory Asthma Stratification Programme (RASP) Bronchoscopy Study

Asthma is a very common disorder which causes a great deal of distress for patients, and occasionally results in premature death. Approximately 10% of people with asthma have severe disease which is not helped by current treatments The Investigators need to find new treatments for these patients urgently. Patients with ...

Phase N/A

Acoustic Analytic Apps for Smart Telehealth Screening - Creating a Big Data

Cough is a common presentation in childhood. It is one of the early symptom of respiratory disease such as upper respiratory tract infection, cough variant asthma, allergic rhinitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. These conditions are common ailments in childhood. The history of cough and description of cough given by caretakers and ...

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Epidemiology and Cytokines Analysis of Severe Asthma Patients in Taiwan

To investigate the clinical phenotypes and inflammatory endotype by analyzing cytokines in severe asthma patients, it may improve characterization of the disease and contribute to improved selection of appropriate treatment. It could also help link genotypes with their phenotypic manifestations and their natural history and prognosis. A greater understanding of ...

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Laminar Airflow in Severe Asthma for Exacerbation Reduction - 48 Month Follow-up.

Asthma affects over 5.4 million people in the UK with nearly 500,00 experiencing severe symptoms and frequent exacerbations that are inadequately controlled with available treatments. The burden of severe asthma on the NHS is enormous accounting for 80% of total asthma cost. In 2009 there were 1131 deaths due to ...

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