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Seizure Disorders Clinical Trials

A listing of Seizure Disorders medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (196) clinical trials

Pathophysiology Based Therapy of Early Onset Epileptic Encephalopathies

During the study, the sodium channel blockers phenytoin and lacosamide and the potassium channel blocker kinidinsulfate will be given under standardized conditions to patients with an early onset and pharmaco-resistant genetic epilepsy with and without mutations in the potassium channels KCNT1 and KCNQ2 and the sodium channel gene SCN2A. The ...


Title: Safety and Feasibility of Individualized Low Amplitude Seizure Therapy (iLAST)

The primary aim of the current protocol is to evaluate the safety and feasibility of iLAST in 10 adults with major depressive episode (unipolar) eligible for ECT. We hypothesize that both iLAST will result in superior neurocognitive outcomes than conventional ECT. In addition, we will evaluate the feasibility of alternative ...


Neurology Inpatient Clinical Education Trial

The objective of this study is to compare the effectiveness of a personalized patient education program to the current hospital education and evaluate its impact using patient satisfaction scores. The investigators hypothesize that a personalized patient education intervention will increase patient's understanding of their diagnosis and satisfaction with the care ...

Phase N/A

A Cohort Study on the Prognosis of Neonatal KCNQ2 Gene-associated Epileptic Encephalopathy

Convulsion is the most common clinical manifestation of neonatal central nervous system dysfunction. the incidence of convulsion is very high in neonatal period, especially in the first week after birth. the incidence of convulsion decreases gradually with the increase of age. The incidence of convulsion reported by Bassan et al ...

Phase N/A

Outcomes Mandate National Integration With Cannabis as Medicine

Medical cannabis has been legal in parts of the USA since 1996, with the stated intention of reducing pain (both acute and chronic) as well as for treatment of multiple other conditions. The original implementation of medical cannabis in the USA was implemented in California as a compassionate measure to ...

Phase N/A

Neurophysiologically Based Brain State Tracking and Modulation in Focal Epilepsy

This study will include patients with dominant temporal lobe epilepsy and bilateral temporal lobe epilepsy. The plan is to have 10 patients take part in this study at Mayo Clinic Rochester.


The Role of Concomitant Diseases in Postoperative Complications Risk Stratification.

Advances in modern anesthesiology have significantly reduced the risk of anesthesia compared to the last century, however, the level of perioperative hospital mortality of planned operations at the moment is on average about 0.5% (ISOS group, 2016). Weiser et al. (2016) estimated that more than 313 million adults worldwide are ...

Phase N/A

Youth Epilepsy and Successful Self-Management Intervention

YESS! is a web-based self management program developed to enhance the motivation and skills of youth with epilepsy. This clinical trial uses a pre-test, post-test design where all consenting participants are given access to the intervention.

Phase N/A

Headache Inducing Effect of Levcromakalim in Migraine With Aura Patients

To investigate the role of KATP channels in migraine with aura patients.

Phase N/A

Diffusion MRI-1 Imaging Database

The purpose of the dMRI-1 data collection study is to establish a database of clinical images and limited medical history information from patients that have previously received a dMRI scan. All data collected will be de-identified. No safety or effectiveness assessments will be completed.

Phase N/A