Osteoporosis Clinical Trials

A listing of Osteoporosis medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.

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Adrenalectomy Versus Follow-up in Patients With Subclinical Cushings Syndrome

patients do not have clinical signs of classical Cushing's syndrome, they have an increased risk for hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis and obesity. The hypothesis of the

  • 24 Jan, 2021
  • 8 locations
The Use of Intranasal Calcitonin to Improve Pain and Activity in Elderly Pelvic Ring Injuries

with varying amounts of anterior/pubic root/rami fractures. Many of these patients in the geriatric population suffer from osteoporosis and the injuries are often sustained from a low-energy mechanism

  • 26 Jan, 2021
  • 1 location
Sedentarism of Stroke Survivors in the Valencian Community and Development of a Self-management Program

developed in this project; 3) the presence of sarcopenia, osteoporosis and the state of frailty. To achieve these objectives, the lifestyle habits of 128 subjects (64 women) who live in the

  • 25 Jan, 2021
  • 2 locations
A Multicenter Phase 2 Single-arm Proof-of-concept Trial to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of Ustekinumab in Association With Prednisone for the Treatment of Non-infectious Severe Uveitis (NISU)

. However, long-term corticosteroid treatment can cause serious systemic and ocular side effects, such as hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, cataract, and glaucoma that limit its use in the treatment of

  • 22 Apr, 2021
  • 3 locations
Impact of an Endoscopic Treatment of the Line Z on the Gastronomic Recurrence and the Gastro- Esophageal Reflux Disease in the Care of the Adenocarcinoma of Barrett's Oesophagus

> Effects on the appearance of gastric precancerous lesion is not certain, but this association with an osteoporosis is more proved true. The PPI could also be a etiologic factor of chronic renal

  • 15 May, 2021
  • 1 location
The New Strategy for Pharmacological Treatment in People With Schizophrenia

Switching from Risperidone to Aripiprazole in early stage of pharmacotherapy will demonstrate the same efficacy as compared to risperidone continuation treatment in the treatment of schizophrenia.

  • 07 Nov, 2020
  • 2 locations
Effects of Potassium Salts on Blood Pressure and Target Organ Damage

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of potassium chloride and potassium bicarbonate on blood pressure and also to determine whether increasing potassium intake has beneficial effects on the surrogate markers of target organ damage in cardiovascular disease, as well as on bone health.

cardiovascular disease
essential hypertension
blood pressure diastolic
  • 07 Nov, 2020
  • 1 location
A Taiwan Isoflavone Multicenter Study (TIMS)

Consumption of soy-based foods is associated with a number of health benefits, including lower risk of cardiovascular disease, breast and prostate cancer, attenuated menopausal symptoms and prevention of bone loss with age. In order to investigate the effect of isoflavone on bone mineral density (BMD) and in Taiwan women with …

bone mineral density
cardiovascular disease
  • 07 Nov, 2020
  • 2 locations
Exercise in Patients Undergoing Urologic Surgery

Patients who are being scheduled for an operative procedure with an inpatient postoperative stay are eligible for this study. Participants will be selected to start a physical fitness plan or a nutrition plan at the time of surgical scheduling. Each participant will be asked to continue their current lifestyle for …

  • 25 Jun, 2021
  • 1 location
Spironolactone Versus Prednisolone in DMD

This is a randomized, open-label, pilot clinical trial of spironolactone suspension versus oral prednisolone for use in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The goals are to determine the safety of 6 months of treatment with spironolactone treatment int he steroid-naive DMD population as well as to determine if either spironolactone or a …

dmd gene
ejection fraction
muscle biopsy
  • 23 Jan, 2021
  • 1 location