Osteoporosis Clinical Trials

A listing of Osteoporosis medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.

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Found 9 clinical trials
The Effects of 12-months of Denosumab on Bone Density in Prevalent Kidney Transplant Recipients

This is a Phase 2 Multi-Center Clinical Trial (safety and effectiveness trial) in 60 patients (40 denosumab; 20 placebo) who have had a kidney transplant for 12-months or longer with more than 30% of kidney function. The investigators will test whether denosumab safely improves bone mineral density (BMD) by dual-energy …

metabolic bone disease
tooth extraction
kidney transplant
dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry
  • 22 Jul, 2021
  • 2 locations
Assessment of Vertebral Fracture Risk for First Time Liver Transplant Candidates

The Investigators hypothesize that VFA+ DXA is as effective in evaluation of asymptotic vertebral fractures compared to the current gold standard of spine x-ray. In addition, bone turnover markers in transplant patients are unknown. The investigators want to investigate bone turnover markers (Beta CTX and P1NP) as markers of bone …

ct scan
  • 31 Jul, 2021
  • 1 location
Impact of the Rapid Normalization of Chronic Hyperglycemia and the Practice of Moderate Physical Activity on the "Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor-kappa B Ligand / Osteoprot g rine (RANKL / OPG) System in Patients Living With Type II Diabetes

The rapid normalization of hyperglycemia can cause a neuropathy called Diabetes Treatment-Induced Neuropathy (NITD). This phenomenon induces the presence of hyper vascularization and inflammation in contact with the nerve ends. In another register in patients living with diabetes, it has been observed the development of a rare and devastating complication …

  • 17 Jul, 2021
  • 1 location
Androgen Deprivation Therapy on Bone Mineral Density Change in Prostate Cancer Patients

Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) is a mainstay of prostate cancer treatment to improve overall survival for intermediate- and high-risk localized disease as well as metastatic disease. While ADT improves survival, it can cause significant morbidity and a decrement in quality of life. In particular, ADT is associated with decrease in …

  • 01 Aug, 2021
  • 10 locations
Bowen's Technique and Muscle Energy Technique on Hamstrings Tightness

The aim of this research is to find and compare the effect of Bowen's technique and Muscle energy technique on intensity of pain, active knee extension, limited forward bending and active straight leg raise on hamstrings tightness in patients with chronic non-specific low back pain. A randomized control trial is …

low back pain
back pain
  • 01 Aug, 2021
  • 1 location
Long-Term Follow-Up of Survivors of Pediatric Cushing Disease

Background The pituitary gland produces hormones. A tumor in this gland can cause it to produce too much of the hormone cortisol. Too much cortisol in the body causes Cushing disease. This disease causes many problems. Some of these problems might persist after the disease is cured. Objective To find …

stimulation test
linkage analysis
cushing's syndrome
dxa scan
urinary free cortisol
  • 19 Jul, 2021
  • 1 location
Natural History Physiology Microbiome and Biochemistry Studies of Propionic Acidemia

Background People s bodies need to break down food into the chemicals. These chemicals are used for energy and growth. Some people cannot process all chemicals very well. Too much of some chemicals can cause diseases. One of these diseases is called propionic acidemia (PA). People with PA can have …

genetic tests
  • 01 Aug, 2021
  • 2 locations
Alendronate in an Weekly Effervescent Tablet Formulation Following Denosumab Discontinuation

Discontinuation of denosumab results in a rebound response of bone turnover markers, which rise above baseline at 3 months and remain elevated until reaching again baseline levels approximately 30 months after the last dose. Bone mineral density (BMD) gains are also lost and BMD values reach original baseline values after …

binosto 70mg effervescent tablet
bisphosphonate therapy
  • 22 Jul, 2021
  • 1 location
A Study on Vertebral Bone Strength by Micro-CT-Like Image

In this study, we use conditional generation adversarial network to enhance the resolution of MSCT images and obtain micro-CT-like images. Based on this, we measure the bone structure indexes of micro-CT-like images and analyzed the correlation between bone structure and bio-mechanical indexes.

  • 17 Jul, 2021
  • 1 location