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Obesity Clinical Trials

A listing of Obesity medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (268) clinical trials

In Vitro Fertilization Impact on Metabolic Parameters

Numerous factors predispose women to develop pregnancy-related complications, these include gestational diabetes (GDM), pre-pregnancy obesity, advanced maternal age (> 35 years) and gestational age, abnormal weight gain during pregnancy, family history of diabetes, PCOS and low parity. Evidenced-based studies reported that women with PCOS have a significantly higher risk of ...

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Transpulmonary Pressures in Mechanical Ventilated Patients With Morbid Obesity

We are studying adult patients with morbid obesity with respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation. We are measuring transesophageal presssures to estimate ideal PEEP and evaluate hemodynamic parameters.

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Pain Discomfort Enjoyment Levels During Moderate Exercise

In order to better understand how pre-existing pain and also discomfort/enjoyment during exercise may influence physical activity and be related to body weight the investigators are seeking to examine these as they relate to overweight/obesity compared to normal weight individuals. Ultimately, the investigators think that people with obesity may have ...

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Health Coaching & Technology in a Weight Loss Center

The national epidemic of obesity is associated with considerable morbidity, disability and early mortality. Conventional weight loss programs beyond a primary care setting have the potential to reduce weight, but are difficult to access for adults with obesity in rural areas due to lack of transportation and access to specialty ...

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Gender Disparity in Burn Injury Survival

Consented patients admitted to University Medical Center with greater than 15% total body surface area burns will participate in this study. A skin-fold caliper measurement will be performed to determine body fat percentage. Serum samples will be obtained and assayed for inflammatory cytokines to establish whether or not a link ...

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Effects of Alcohol After Bariatric Surgery

The study includes seven groups of women: One group will be undergoing gastric bypass, another group will be undergoing lap banding, a third group will be undergoing sleeve gastrectomy, the fourth group will be women who underwent gastric bypass 1-5 years ago, the fifth group will be women who underwent ...

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The BEACH Interview Study- Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers

This is an interview study that will enroll mothers during 28 weeks or greater of pregnancy and assess recruitment, patient-centered outcomes, and stool collection procedures via individualized interviews and data collection. Participants will be recruited from the greater Gainesville, FL area. Data collection will include questionnaires/surveys as well as minimal ...

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Obesity Intervention "Obeldicks" for Obese Children Adolescents and Their Parents

The intervention program "Obeldicks" was developed for obese children aged 6 to 16 years. This intervention is gender- and age specific. The 12-months intervention is based on nutrition course, behaviour therapy and exercise therapy. The evaluation compromised quality of structure, process and results of the intervention. Primary outcome measure is ...

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A Case Control Study to Identify the Role of Epigenetic Regulation of Genes Responsible for Energy Metabolism and Mitochondrial Function in the Obesity Paradox in Cardiac Surgery

This is a prospective, single-center case control comparison of expression of target genes responsible for energy utilization, mitochondrial function and oxidative stress and levels of histone acetylation/ DNA methylation in obese and non-obese adult cardiac surgery patients.

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Transvaginal NOTES Sleeve Gastrectomy

This is a prospective chart review/data collection study of natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) for sleeve gastrectomy, that will include questionnaires administered throughout the study. Subjects enrolled will be those intending to have a transvaginal NOTES sleeve gastrectomy. Data will be collected and reviewed through 12 months post-op.

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