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Nephropathy Clinical Trials

A listing of Nephropathy medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (27) clinical trials

Ixazomib for Desensitization

This is a pilot exploratory, proof of concept, open-label, single-center phase II investigator initiated clinical trial entitled IXAzomib for DESensitization (IXADES). The purpose of the study is (1) to examine the safety and efficacy of ixazomib for desensitization of highly sensitized kidney transplant candidates and (2) to conduct mechanistic studies ...


Preventing Sickle Cell Kidney Disease

Feasibility Trial of Losartan to Correct Abnormal Circadian Blood Pressure. Cohort participants (below) identified with in-clinic hypertension and abnormal nocturnal dipping on 24 hour ABPM will be asked to participate in a feasibility trial of losartan. Participants will be offered a consultation with Pediatric Nephrology prior to study enrollment. Participants ...


Sodium Chloride and Contrast Nephropathy

This phase II, open, non-inferiority, randomized and controlled clinical trial is aimed to ascertain the incidence of contrast nephropathy in outpatients undergoing CT scan with contrast. Patients will be randomized to receive oral prophylaxis with capsules of sodium chloride and free water ingestion or prophylaxis with sodium chloride 0.9% intravenous ...


Peptide GAM Immunoadsorption Therapy in Autoimmune Membranous Nephropathy

Membranous nephropathy (MN) is among the most common causes of nephrotic syndrome in adults worldwide. The majority of patients will remain stable with either complete remission or partial remission but approximately 20% will progress slowly to end stage renal disease necessitating the need for renal replacement therapy (RRT). Current standard ...


Trial of Oral Glutamine on Mitochondrial Function in CKD

Chronic kidney disease is associated with endothelial cell dysfunction and muscle wasting contributing to the heightened risk of cardiovascular morbidity, mortality and functional limitation. Accumulation of toxins in renal disease may adversely impact endothelial cell nitric oxide bioavailability and endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNOS) function consequently heightening oxidative stress and ...


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Renal Regeneration in Diabetic Nephropathy

Scientific background Diabetic Kidney Disease (DKD): The kidneys, which are an important target for diabetic induced damage, contribute a lot to this burden. Diabetic nephropathy (DN) is the most common cause of end-stage kidney disease worldwide, associated with increased morbidity and mortality in patients with diabetes. The pathogenesis of DKD ...


Empagliflozin and Renal Oxygenation in Healthy Volunteers

This study is a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study that will examine the acute and chronic renal effects of empagliflozin in healthy volunteers. A total of 45 healthy volunteers will be included in the study: 15 normal weight, 15 overweight (BMI: 25-30kg/m2) and 15 obese (BMI>30kg/m2) non diabetic subjects (as determined ...


Safety Study of IgAN LN MN & C3 Glomerulopathy Including Dense Deposit Disease Treated With OMS721

This is a Phase 2, multicenter study of OMS721 in subjects with the following diseases: IgA Nephropathy (IgAN), Lupus Nephritis, Membranous Nephropathy (MN), or C3 Glomerulopathy, including Dense Deposit Disease. Three cohorts will be enrolled. Cohort 1 will be subjects with corticosteroid dependent IgAN, LN, MN, or C3 Glomerulopathy. Cohort ...


Toradol to Reduce Ureteroscopic Symptoms Trial

This is an investigator-initiated, single-center, prospective randomized clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of intraoperative Ketorolac on post-operative pain in patients undergoing ureteroscopy at Yale-New Haven Hospital. The study population will include anyone between the age of 18-80 who is undergoing elective ureteroscopy for management of stone disease without contraindication to ...


A Study of Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate for Reduction of Proteinuria in Patients With IgA Nephropathy

Immunoglobulin A (IgA) nephropathy is the most common type of primary glomerulonephritis worldwide. Several studies indicated that 6-43% of IgA nephropathy patients would develop end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) over a period of 10 years. The clinical risk factors for progression are hypertension, proteinuria, impaired renal function and histologic lesions at ...