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WittyFit - Live Your Work Differently

Brief description of study

Individuals spend one third of their life working. Age of retirement is regularly pushed back. The main challenge in the nearest future will be to maintain workers health to deal with their work till retirement. Morbidity before retirement has a huge cost, both in public health and economically for companies. Numerous factors increase morbidity such as stress at work, sedentary and low physical activity, and poor nutrition habits. Nowadays, digital world wildly invades lives and offer a no-limit possibility to interact with individuals, everywhere. Thus, a software able to understand an individual in its globality seems to address this challenge. Moreover, managers need to understand the actions needed within their company. The objective of WittyFit is to increase life expectancy and well-being. WittyFit will constitute a powerful database to build strong evidence and new knowledge on the relationships between work, behavior, and health, based on a large amount of epidemiological data.

Detailed Study Description

  1. Whereas other interventional software focus on a specific aim (relaxation, musculo-skeletal disorder, etc), Wittyfit has the ambition to promote health with a global understanding of workers, based on continuous and updated scientific knowledge (evidence based medicine). A feedback is given on targets screened from questionnaires through e-learning and personalized motivating messages.
  2. The second novelty of WittyFit is that managers will also have an anonymous feedback on the general state of health and problems encountered by its employees, in general or by department if the sample size is sufficiently high. Managers will indeed be able to target specific actions such as promoting physical activity at work or helping its employees to quit smoking.
  3. Third, WittyFit is a prevention tool in collaboration with occupational medicine, which may help to detect a high risk toward the integrity of an employee.
  4. Moreover, WittyFit is in fact based on two databases: "WittyFit" which deals with behavioral data, and "WittyFit Research" which deals with medical data. To guarantee the highest level of security, the two databases are separate and do not communicate together; physicians from the CHU of Clermont-Ferrand will be the only individuals with an access to medical data.
  5. When a worker will leave Wittyfit, the company will encode three possibilities: retirement, move for another company, or premature death. Therefore, WittyFit will have the ability to have mortality as a primary outcome.
  6. Finally, WittyFit may constitute a powerful database to build strong evidence and new knowledge on the relationships between lifestyle and health, based on huge amount of epidemiological data.
  7. At last, WittyFit will evolve with the waves of connected objects further increasing its data accuracy, with the use of devices such as pedometers, heart rate monitors, accelerometers, thermometer, etc.
  8. WittyFit is building a rainbow: work (shiftwork, sedentary job, particular occupations, etc) / psychology and physiology / statistics modeling / public health, and in general, health.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02596737

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