Last updated on July 2019

Varenicline (Chantix) Treatment for Waterpipe Smoking Cessation

Brief description of study

The lack of proven waterpipe smoking cessation interventions makes it important to explore interventions proven effective for cigarette smoking cessation. The investigators hypothesize that Varenicline (Chantix) administrated for 12 weeks is associated with higher sustained quit rate at 12 weeks compared to placebo. The investigators propose to conduct a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial that will evaluate the effect of Varenicline (Chantix), in two parallel groups each consisting of 76 habitual waterpipe smokers who are willing to quit. Potential participants will be approached in cafs, word-of-mouth and through media and will be invited to the American University of Beirut Medical Center to complete study procedures. Both study groups will receive the same behavioural intervention in combination with either Varenicline (Chantix), an FDA approved drug indicated for use as an aid to smoking cessation treatment, or placebo. Participants will complete study procedures in four visits. During visit-1 the informed consent process, baseline assessments and randomization will be completed and Varenicline (Chantix) or Placebo will be initiated together with the behavioural interventions. The behavioural intervention will be continued over the next 2 visits. An end of treatment visit 12 weeks after quit date will be dedicated to assessing sustained quit rate and other outcomes.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02575183

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