Last updated on October 2015

Effectiveness of "No More" Anti-lice Medical Device to Kill Lice and Lice Eggs

Brief description of study

The purpose of this study is to determine effectiveness of an Anti-lice treatment using the medical device "No More" which is designed to kill lice and lice eggs on the head.

Detailed Study Description

The Clinical Trial Protocol include 2 visits First Visit: Explanation and signing of consent forms. Diagnosis: Prof. Shemer will check if the patients have sufficient living lice or lice eggs and if so they will be scheduled to receive treatment. Second Visit: -Spread the "No More" on the head of the boy or girl on dry hair. - After five minutes comb with an adequately thick comb and the eggs will fall out easily with the pulling of the comb. - Wash the hair. - Combing the hair again with a thick comb for five minutes and/or 20 combings; Checking if the head is free of eggs and lice via a visual inspection by the head researcher. Outcome 1. If there are no live eggs and/or lice then the patient has completed treatment - and the research. (This outcome is defined as successful treatment.) 2. If there are eggs only then the patient is scheduled for a third visit after seven days (+/- one day). 3. If live lice are found this outcome is defined as failure and the patient will not be scheduled for an additional visit Third Visit: After seven days (+/- one day) Professor Shemer will conduct a visual inspection for lice and lice eggs. Combing with a thick comb for five minutes and/or 20 combings and if there are live lice or lice eggs Treatment Success: No eggs and no lice immediately with the end of the treatment (second visit). No lice or live lice eggs after seven days (+/- one day). Number of Participants: Up to 80 participants when at least 50 participants complete the treatment. Age Range: 3-18 years

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02569580

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