Last updated on November 2019

Safety Tolerability and Activity of BIVV009 in Healthy Volunteers and Patients With Complement Mediated Disorders

Brief description of study

Prospective, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled First-In-Human study with four sub-parts: Part A, a single ascending dose study (SAD) in normal human volunteers (NHVs), Part B, a multiple ascending dose study (MAD) in NHVs, Part C, a multiple dose (MD) study in patients with a complement-mediated disorder, and Part E, a multiple dose (MD) study in patients with cold agglutinin disease previously treated with BIVV009 within the scope of a BIVV009 clinical trial or named patient program use. Note: For parts A-C as well as at the start of part E, study drug was named TNT009. The study drug name is changed to BIVV009 with final version Final 15.0 of the clinical study protocol.

Detailed Study Description

Study TNT009-01 (parts A-C)/ BIVV009 (part E) is a First in Human (FIH) study that uses an Integrated Protocol Design. This Phase 1 study protocol will comprise three sub-parts: a Single Ascending Dose (SAD) and Multiple Ascending Dose (MAD) study in normal male and female human volunteers (NHVs), and a Multiple Dose (MD) study in patients with various complement-mediated disorders not confined to a single disease or therapeutic area. Although these patients represent a population with a diverse set of clinical diagnoses they are united by a common mechanism of disease matched to the mechanism of action of BIV009. Several key safety measures have been incorporated into the design of this study, including use of Sentinel Dosing Groups and an independent Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB), as well as an appropriate program of prophylactic vaccinations and clinical biomarker surveillance related to the risks potentially associated with inhibition of the complement system. To allow access of BIVV009 to CAD patients where successful treatment effect has been observed and to allow re-initiation of BIVV009 to previously treated CAD patients, Part E has been added to both continued access to study drug in this subset of study patients, and to further characterize the safety and efficacy to BIVV009.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02502903

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