Last updated on September 2015

Education Interventions for Self-Management of Pain Post-SCI: A Pilot Study

Brief description of study

Chronic pain (pain that is that is present for a long period of time) is very common among people with spinal cord injury (SCI). Unfortunately, chronic pain is very difficult to treat. Many treatments reduce chronic pain only partially. As a result, many people with SCI must find ways of accomplishing daily activities even though they have pain. The purpose of this research study is to determine how well two different kinds of education programs reduce the extent to which chronic pain interferes with daily life and well-being.

Detailed Study Description

Pain is a highly prevalent and disabling condition among persons with spinal cord injury (SCI). Unfortunately, current pain treatments offer incomplete relief, produce side effects, and/or involve significant cost. Low-risk, low-cost treatments capable of addressing residual pain and pain-related disability are greatly needed. A number of research studies have associated educational interventions with improvements in pain-related outcomes. The overall goal of the proposed pilot study is to evaluate the feasibility, acceptability, and potential benefits of two types of educational programs for people with chronic pain and spinal cord injury. This study aims to identify a low-cost, low-risk treatment option that empowers people with pain and SCI to improve their functioning and quality of life.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02262234

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